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Happy New Year!!

 Happy New Year everyone! 

My social media feeds are full of glum posts today about the last 12 months, and while yes, 2020 has been a bumpy ride, it has also had some truly wonderful moments which I think it is important to remember as we run as fast as we can into the welcoming arms of 2021!

So what little gems of 2020 shall I remember fondly forever more:

1.  Spending so much time with Stuart

You know, we won't get to spend this much time together again until retirement and once we pay back the furlough scheme we will probably be looking at working into our 80s! It hasn't always been easy. We live in a one bedroom flat, with no garden. There are time during lockdown when we were close to having a proper falling out. But we didn't. Instead, w
e got pretty good at scrabble. We learnt that my poor relationship with Monopoly is very similar to Stuart's relationship with Risk. We read books together, we cooked together, we painted his parent's garden fence together. It was nice. Some days we sat in different rooms and didn't acknowledge the other's existence. That was also nice. We spent last lockdown planning our dream wedding, and we have spent this lockdown postponing it. At least we have done it all together. 

2. Building our relationship with Evie

We spent a lot of time with Miss Evie this year, mostly being bossed around and having our stuff taken off us. 'No Allylou, Mine Allylou'. We have had the best fun with the munchkin. Sure, we find Paw Patrol stickers EVERYWHERE for weeks after she has been over to visit, and raisins are the absolute worst, but that little lady has brought a lot of laughter to our 2020. As rubbish as lockdown was, and I don't deny it was rubbish, I loved spending so much time with the little one. We have played in bushes, jumped in puddles, chased birds across the park. Stuart has become a pro at reading 'The Tiger who Came to Tea' and many other stories. If I had the choice to go back to the start of 2020 and chose a lockdown free life but lose all those days, I would choose to repeat the year exactly as it was and relive those days all over again. 

3. My workmates.

It is so wonderful to lead a team that care so much about each other. All year long, I have seen my team take care of one another. Meeting for a walk, giving each other little care packages, organising online celebrations etc... Never making a big deal of it, just looking out for each other. Working in retail is tough, especially during a pandemic. If ever someone needs help, they get nudged to my door for a chat. Even now, as we face these few weeks of lockdown, I can see them rallying together, and it warms my heart to see that they are looking out for each other and for me too. To quote one of my team leaders 'They are a good bunch of loons'.

4. Richard Osman's House of Games

This show has been a highlight of for me. Have you ever seen it? If not, you should rectify that immediately. 

5. A brilliant surprise

So, on November 6th, I received a box with a note telling me that it could not be opened until 4pm and that I could not discuss the box nor it's contents with anyone. I was intrigued. At 4pm I opened the box and discovered that my maid of honour had just gotten married and the box contained some bubbles to celebrate! I not only adore Claire, my maid (I mean matron) of honour, but I adore her husband Craig so this news was simply the highlight of 2020. They also contributed to my sixth item on this list....

6. All the babies!!

My social media feeds are currently full of babies! Pretty much all of them are baby boys! Wee Louis, Rory, Lukas, Myles... it has been so wonderful to celebrate their arrivals and see their adventures this year! 2021 is also a year with more arrivals due. I love it! It just makes the world such a happier place!!

7. The Environment

The real winner in 2020 was the environment. I don't know about you, but I have loved watching all the internet videos about animals starting to flourish in areas where they had started to die out. Canals filling with fish, wild animals in towns. Earth needed a break and this year, it got it. 

So, while 2020 made eyewear wearing significantly more difficult, isolated a lot of us from our friends and family (Ireland... I will be home ASAP!), and made loo roll a bartering tool. It also allowed us to slow a little. It gave us time to give ourselves a rest (though most of us just got fat). The world got a little healthier and we are all going into 2021 appreciating each other and the power of the hug, a little bit more. 

So Happy Hogmanay - Lang may yer lum reek!

Happy New year folks!!  Go mbeirimid beo ag an am seo aris xx


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