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Happy New Year!!

 Happy New Year everyone!  My social media feeds are full of glum posts today about the last 12 months, and while yes, 2020 has been a bumpy ride, it has also had some truly wonderful moments which I think it is important to remember as we run as fast as we can into the welcoming arms of 2021! So what little gems of 2020 shall I remember fondly forever more: 1.  Spending so much time with Stuart You know, we won't get to spend this much time together again until retirement and once we pay back the furlough scheme we will probably be looking at working into our 80s! It hasn't always been easy. We live in a one bedroom flat, with no garden. There are time during lockdown when we were close to having a proper falling out. But we didn't. Instead, w e got pretty good at scrabble. We learnt that my poor relationship with Monopoly is very similar to Stuart's relationship with Risk. We read books together, we cooked together, we painted his parent's garden fence together. I