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Happy New Year!!

 Happy New Year everyone!  My social media feeds are full of glum posts today about the last 12 months, and while yes, 2020 has been a bumpy ride, it has also had some truly wonderful moments which I think it is important to remember as we run as fast as we can into the welcoming arms of 2021! So what little gems of 2020 shall I remember fondly forever more: 1.  Spending so much time with Stuart You know, we won't get to spend this much time together again until retirement and once we pay back the furlough scheme we will probably be looking at working into our 80s! It hasn't always been easy. We live in a one bedroom flat, with no garden. There are time during lockdown when we were close to having a proper falling out. But we didn't. Instead, w e got pretty good at scrabble. We learnt that my poor relationship with Monopoly is very similar to Stuart's relationship with Risk. We read books together, we cooked together, we painted his parent's garden fence together. I

Thursday thankfuls 02/04/20

When I wrote my last blog, just over a month ago, I did not expect the be writing my next one while effectively hiding in my home, in fear of a killer virus. Fast forward a few weeks and here we are. At home, afraid to go out in case someone coughs on me. This situation is probably the most bonkers situation the majority of us will find ourselves in, in our lifetimes. Covid-19 has turned everything that we value topsy-turvy. Some people are scared. Some people have shown previously inconceivable levels of stupid. The world has been made to slow down to a crawl and none of us know what to do with that level of time. Personally, I am learning German, Excel, and blogging more. What are you doing? Today, I am going to write about some things I am thankful for. I will aim to do a thankful Thursday for the foreseeable (a word I am hearing and using a lot at the minute!) 1. I am thankful for my health. So far, so good, both Stuart and I have been safe. I read somewhere that it is so i


I have started this blog post four times now. I think that is a new record for my procrastination. I didn't do a New Year blog, and my previous versions of this were a look back on 2019. I'll be very honest, I don't want to look back on 2019. I want to put it in a box, and seal it away forever. There were some fabulous moments. Of course there were! I got engaged to the most wonderful man I have ever known. I witnessed the weddings of some of my best friends. Babies were born. There was an abundance of soft play, cuddles and karaoke. For me, 2019 will mostly remind me of being ill. It was a huge part of the year. The worry consumed me for the majority of the latter half. I now know more about hypertension, blood pressure, kidney function and kidney failure than I ever thought necessary. It sucks being ill. It sucks knowing that you have an illness that will never go away. It doesn't feel fair. If I am very honest with myself I went into a little bit of a pit