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Il y a beaucoup de fleurs....

I went on an adventure today. I actually just went for a walk but I ended up walking more than anticipated and my calculations are that I covered 14km. I'm now freckled and sore but full of the joys of life. As I walked in the sunshine, my mind wandered. Strangely it wandered on to my sister quite a bit. Hence, the title of this blog. My sister always said 'Il y a beaucoup de fleurs' (there are a lot of flowers) and today, there were flowers EVERYWHERE So many colours, so many scents. We are told so many times to remember to smell the roses. Today, spring just took over my nostrils. My senses in reality. The grass was warm, dogs were splashing about in the river chasing sticks, Wild flowers were bursting with colour The sun was sparkling on the water And a peculiar sweetness lingered in the air. It was a beautiful day to be outside. Anyway, back to my point about Marguerite. I have seeing cherry blossoms everywhere which I always associate with her.

Well hello again, change curve...

I have been pretty quiet on the blog front over the last couple of weeks which is crazy because I am going through one of the biggest changes of the last five years. Normally I use this to figure out my feelings etc... but I have been so full of emotion I haven't known where to start. Now I am in my bed, at midnight, due to catch a train just after 8 in the morning to start my training in my new job and I am FULL of beans. Sleep is not even thinking about showing its very welcome wee head. So, let me tell you a bit about the change curve greeting in the title. When I was doing my management training with Sainsburys we spoke often about the change curve. The idea is that whenever we experience change, we all deal with the emotions on the above graph. It is a very handy curve to be aware of because when you are aware that you are on it, you know that you are actually just going through the motions of the graph. During my store management training, my training