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Spring is here!

Spring is by far my favourite season. Mostly because my birthday is in spring. And Easter too. And I get to tell the story of Demeter and Persephone . And I bounce around like an eejit quoting Wordsworth every time I see some daffodils But also because I find it to be the most inspiring of all the seasons. Spring is a time of rebirth, regrowth, new beginnings. Snow drops, primroses and daffodils start to appear. Buds begin to sprout on trees. The sun starts to come out (but not enough to burn this pale red-haired complexion) Days are longer and brighter. Did I mention my birthday yet? I always plan my year around my birthday rather than by calendar year. So, the plans are underway for what is next in the life of Lu. Many of you already know what is in the pipeline,  It is exciting. It is daunting. It is new. It is exactly what I am looking for. I don't have much luck with the first year or two of a decade. In my early twe