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Thankful at Christmas

It is nearly Christmas! Whoohoo! I love Christmas. I really do. It is such a special time of the year. It is a time to let your family know that you are thinking about them. It is a time to choke up to soppy Christmas movies without getting judged There is food, wine, (In Ireland, Aunty Mary's Irish coffees), Christmas carols And of course, the Doctor Who Christmas special! This year, I am taking Christmas as a day of relaxation and reflection. A day to remember all the things that I am thankful for. (American pals, we don't have thanksgiving... otherwise I would have covered this already ;) ) And, there are a couple of things that have really stood out for me this year, that I am thankful for. 1. My dad. My dad is one of the greatest men I know. I am aware that we all say that about our parents, but wait until I tell you why. We had a turbulent relationship when I was a teenager, but we learnt in my early twenties that a lot of that turbulenc

The night before

I went to the cinema with my housemate and his pal to see 'The Night Before'. It stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogan and Anthony Mackie and tells the story of three pals who are having the last Christmas blowout together after ten years of having a massive Christmas blowout. It is a comedy, and it was great.  It also got to me more than I ever expected from a Seth Rogan comedy. One of the characters, Ethan (played by JGL, my reason for going in the first place!) was orphaned ten years earlier. To stop him from spending Christmas alone, the other two characters bring him out for a night he won't forget and remind them that even though he has lost his immediate family, they are now his family and will be there whenever he needs them. When the film starts, he is 34, broke and single. A huge part of the film (well, I thought it was huge, it may not have been that huge!), was Ethan realising that he needs to stop using his past as an excuse for his posi