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Life of Lu. 2013

Christmas has arrived and for many of us it is a time where we get to kick off our heels and have a catch up with or families. For others (I include myself in this) it is a much needed break from the chaotic world of retail where we get to have a yummy meal and watch some great Christmas specials. For me, Christmas is also a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the year just passed. To remember the good things and to get closure for those things that weren't so great. Tonight, I am going to remember some the things that were good about 2013. - 2013 was a great year of opportunity for me. I was given chances that the year before I could only have dreamed of, and I snapped those chances up as best I could. Work has been great, I have had lots of challenges and adventures, highs and lows and most of all I have met some amazing people. Which brings me on to the next point. -Friends. 2013 was a year full of introductions and from those introductions have sprouted some wonderful fri

Top 30 movies

I had a really interesting conversation with a friend of mine, Temmy, quite recently about lists of favourites. Ever since I have been trying to figure out what are my favourite movies. I initially started with Top 10 but I had to expand. 1. The Phantom of the Opera (2004) 2. The Boat that Rocked (Pirate Radio in the US) 3.Rear Window 4.Return of the Jedi 5.Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade 6. The Green Mile 7.The Last Waltz 8. The Godfather trilogy (I can't choose) 9.The Rocky Horror Picture Show 10. Cinema Paradiso 11.Withnail and I 12. Moulin Rouge 13. Empire Strikes Back 14. The Usual Suspects 15. The Legend of 1900 16 .Reservoir Dogs 17.Dial M for Murder 18.The Prestige 19. Life of Brian 20. The Muppets Christmas Carol 21.A Room with a View 22.The Third Man 23.Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom 24. Back to the Future 25.Big Fish 26. Fight Club 27.Amelie 28.Rope 29. Pulp Fiction 30. The Jungle Book

Ten things I love about December

Ten things I love about December Christmas songs Nostalgic Christmas ads Christmas Specials Christmas trees Snow The Late Late Toy Show Christmas choirs Buying a new journal Writing Christmas cards and Christmas letters Christmas fun