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Life of Lu 25/11/13

What a week we have just had! Fellow Whovians, our wait is over.  The 50th anniversary episode of Dr. Who has been aired. And wasn't it a beauty! I don't know when I was last so excited for something.  It was probably the final episode of Lost but that ended up ruining the show for me entirely. I can't comment any further on Lost. It still prickles my eyes with tears.  But Dr. Who. Ok, it wasn't flawless. That is the beauty of it. It wasn't as dark as I had expected nor did it touch many of the topics I had hoped it would. But it was entertaining. It was funny. The chemistry between the three doctors was superb. and as for that fleeting second of Peter Capaldi as the Doctor? Squeal-worthy. I genuinely went through every emotion possible during that episode. I laughed, cried, got slightly worried (I know I was not the only person who thought the weeping angels were under the statue sheets), sighed with reli

November huh?

November.  What a month hey? I have a love/hate relationship with the eleventh month of the year. Those of you who know me personally or who follow my blog know that November is a tough time for my family. On November 29th we will have the 9th anniversary of my sister's death. I remember after Marguerite died, some very wise people said to me that things do get better. The pain and loss do lessen, and life goes on. You know what? They were right. They were more right than I allowed myself to believe at the time. Little did I think nine years ago that I would end up living in Scotland with a big hairy Scotsman, working in a job in retail that I genuinely enjoy surrounded by people who don't point, and stare and whisper under their breath as I walk by. But I am here, and very happy to be here. Every year since, around mid-October, I tell myself that this year it will be different. That I won't develop a month of PMS style symptoms (you know the kind, tears at TV a