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Nine days and counting...

I am nine days into my new life as an ex-smoker and strange things are happening. I walked home from work yesterday. I did it because it was part of the challenge but I think that I would have done it anyway. My brain was so fried and I was so frustrated that I needed to walk it off. Anyhoo... I arrived home about an hour and a half later, less stressed, full of the joys of spring and determined to sort out these little issues that I'm having once and for all. James arrived home pretty soon after me and we did the usual dinner, catch-up things. We recorded pointless and settled down to watch it around 6. Apparently I made it to round two before I feel asleep. He managed to manoeuver me to my bed around midnight, I woke up briefly at 6 to have a chat with him before he went to work and then I slept again until 11. That is 17 hours (give or take twenty minutes) sleep. Amazing. I feel super after it. My mind has cleared, my lungs don't feel so heavy. It is great. My si

6 week challenge update...

So week one is down and I have been an ex-smoker for a week. I can't believe how good I feel already. My sleep is still very irregular and I am occasionally feeling the odd pain but overall I feel fantastic. My sinus' have nearly cleared and I suddenly realise how truly horrendous my sinus' irritation was! Energy levels are starting to soar and I feel good. Tomorrow is the beginning of week two. That means that I walk home from work (roughly 6 miles) when I do an early shift. I am doing an early shift tomorrow... Thankfully I am off on Tuesday so I can recuperate!

No smoking. Day 5.

Five days into this whole smoking malarkey and I am feeling a lot more optimistic than I did two days ago! The headache has gone, thankfully and my insomnia has been replaced by narcolepsy! My body isn't aching but my lungs feel heavy. I have also started being nice to James again and I think he is just glad to have 'Nice Lu' back in his life! I have noticed that my appetite is increasing already which is NOT a good thing! I have increased my consumption of water to stop myself simply picking food and I do feel better for it. My nose is still sore. I have really started working on knitting and crochet to keep myself busy. All in all, things are going well. Lu 1 smoking 0.

No smoking. Day 3.

Well, I'm three days into being an ex-smoker. Three LONG days. So long, that I don't ever want to go through these three days ago. So far, - I have had a constant headache. If my head explodes it may not be such a bad thing really. -I am nauseous ALL the time. - My sinus' have started to clear so my nose is quite sore - My sleep pattern has gone crazy- which explains why I am writing this at 1.17 in the morning when I have to leave for work at 5.15 am. - I have spent at least 24 hours of the last three days at loggerheads with James. We have fought about everything, anything, nothing. Just simply because my mood is fouler than a gone off chicken (I still have my puns. That makes me proud.) Despite all that, I feel kind of proud that I am doing this. It will get better. And it is good for me. Now, to get some well deserved sleep... or at least listen to the dulcet snoring of my amour...

30 Day Creative Writing Challenge

30 Day Creative Writing Challenge Day 1  → Take your least favorite character you’ve ever created. Put them in a scene that would drive them  mad Day 2  → Write a short story/scene using the following words: luscious, debilitating, sunny and brick. Day 3  → Write about whatever tickles your fancy. Day 4  → Write a scene of someone running through the woods. You are not allowed to use adverbs. Day 5  → Pick a food you find repulsive and then write about eating it. Be descriptive. Day 6  → Envision a day with your perfect weather and describe what would ruin it. Day 7  → Write a scene of what your mornings are like from when you wake up. Write it in  second person . Day 8  → You’ve just killed a man. Write why, how and what you’ll do next. Day 9  → Write terrible smut like you see in the back of Cosmo. Feed off the clich├ęs. Day 10  → Describe in as much detail as possible your most recent dream. Stay as true to it as you can. Let it be as confusing as real dreams often are

Life of Lu x

My blogging has been pretty dismal so far in 2013. I guess it is the blogging equivalent of January blues. Well, now February is upon us and the blues have lifted so let the blogging recommence! My birthday is approaching soon, and as some of you may remember, this time last year I compiled a list of 20 things I wish to do before I'm thirty. Well, I did a quick review of the list today and I haven't really been pulling my weight with this one and I only have a year left! So James and I did some planning and in September we are going to head to the pyramids for a few days, and in October we'll head to Rome for a few days so I can see the Sistine Chapel. I can't wait! That will knock two more off the list. I also said that I wanted to be on TV. One of my favourite people, and probably the best friend I have made in Scotland is a girl named Claire.  She is mighty craic and it turns out a fan of the TV show 'Pointless', as am I.  Well, lon