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30 going on 30 update

Do you recall that wonderful list I drew up last April with 30 things that I wanted to achieve by 30? Well I feel it is time for an update. The first challenge on my list was to read the BBC Top 100 books. This has proven to be a tough challenge. I do not have enough time in the day to do all the reading this requires so I'm reading two books at a time and alternating when necessary. Thankfully I have read some of this magnificent pieces of literature before and I am flying through those books quickly. So far I have read/re-read: Wuthering Heights One of my favourite stories ever. Before I read it I always just assumed that Heathcliff was Mr. Romance. How wrong was I? He is a vindictive, possessive bastard who has been horribly treated by the true love of his life so somehow, and don't ask me why, he becomes a misunderstood, romantic lead. I hate him, I love him no, it is more than that I am infatuated by him. As for Catherine, well, don't get me even started

My holiday indulgence

I am holiday from work this week and I will be contently spending it at home catching up on some badly needed Lu time. I am quite a social butterfly but I am also just as content (if not more so to be truly honest) in my own company. I use my Lu time to do those things that I know James tolerates but probably doesn't love quite as much as I do. Let me show you my plans for this week. I warn you, they are not going to stretch your imagination by any means... I plan to listen to as much of these guys as possible Check out 2.09 and the response in 2.46. I frickin love it!  Heineken anyone? A little bit of this man too... Altogether now ' Jamme, jamme 'ncoppa, jamme jà,  Funiculi Funicula' I plan to sing into my hairbrush, while dancing in my socks to this song a lot. I shall do a spot of light reading Along with a little heavy reading (though it is going down MUCH easier this time)    I am working on a story for


Yesterday, while reading an article written by my wonderful mate Andy , I started to think about my home town, Ennistymon .  Must people associate me with Galway city. Over here, few people have heard of anything other than Dublin (and strangely Sligo) so it is easier to just reference the city opposite Dublin as where I lived for the last ten years. While I love Galway and will always gave a place for it in my heart, I am in fact a Clare woman also known as a  Banner Woman and Ennistymon will always be the place where I grew up and proud to be from. One image always associated with my town is that of the cascades. As a child I loved walking down along the glen that followed the bank. The Glen was always a 'cool' place to hang out, and for me it is immortalised in a song by the Stunning "My Town". It can be found on this album , which is to be honest a favourite of mine. I love it. You should listen to it.