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Life of Lu 19/07/2012

Have you ever seen the TV series Taken? I'm not talking about the fabulously ridiculous Liam Neeson movie. I'm talking about the series with Dakota Fanning. Well, If you haven't watched it then you should. It is amazing. The boy and I have been watching it this past week and I just can't get enough of it. It has aliens, conspiricies, tie-ins with real life events, hot boys. What more can you ask for in a series? There are ten episodes and each is a mini movie. It takes dedicated viewing but I promise you won't be disappointed! Watch it. Well, personally I've had a pretty super week. I passed my twelve week training at work (whoop!) The downside is that I am leaving the store I trained in. The upside is a payrise and a bit of an adventure! Thank you to everyone who helped me along the way. You are all Mega! Whoop! I was sitting on the bus yesterday and I heard two young ones chattering away across from me. Natu