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Life of Lu 26/06/2012

Firstly, When I wrote the date on the title above I wrote 26/06/1996. What the heck is that all about???? Did something happen on that particular day all that has stuck out in my mind? Memories anyone? Weird. Lu news. Well. 8ish weeks in and I still really enjoy my new job. Really. I do. My colleagues are fabulous. The work is interesting. What more can an employee ask for? Due to the very stubborn natures of my adorable colleagues I ended up in a night club last Sunday night. It was my first time in a night club in about 3 years. Do you want to have a look at what we got up to? I should point out that these photos are a result of the handy work of two of our girls Claire and Ailsa. Macarena anyone? Reach for the sky? A quick step? Smile? Pose As you can see, limbs everywhere. But the craic was pretty mighty. I have at least another 4 weeks working with these guys. Hopefully the fun shall continue! I'm on the look

Losing fizzy.

I decided today, after cleaning our flat and finding an appalling number of empty soda bottles, to give up drinking fizzy. We all know how dire this sugar nectar is for us. It affects everything from teeth to weight to mood. I foolishly thought it would be a doddle. We are half a day in and I've a headache like you wouldn't believe. My mood is foul and I've tucked into a flat summer clear out to distract myself. I may also have the shakes... it is difficult to tell when using touch screen. Surely bottles of fizz should have warning labels akin to cigarettes? If withdrawl is this severe surely the affect on the body must be as severe. I'm feeling very sorry for myself. How awful.

Life of Lu 7/6/2012

I love Edinburgh. I think you should know. I love it truly. Every day I feel more settled. Every week I feel new friendships grow deeper. I really am content. So content that I sing. Poorly. I should apologise for that. I really like my new job. Sometimes I feel my head may explode with information. Then it digests and I feel capable again. It is nice to use my brain again. It does help that I have wonderful colleagues. They make it easy to love the job. I will be working with them for at least 7 more weeks. Then I finish my training. After that... who knows? Euro 2012 fever has taken over our wee flat. It bores me terribly but the boy loves it, so I pretend. I pretend quite well. I predict Russia to win. He reckons Portugal. I hope I win! I have a new cousin! And one on the way. I wish I could meet them soober than October. Hurry up October! I should mention that we're popping over in October. Pints? Anyone? Lastly, I received an amazing gift at the we