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Life of Lu 20-05-2012

Howdy folks! It is time for another sporadic catch up on the Life of Lu! We have finally hit the six months in Edinburgh mark and what a six months it has been!  The city is getting more and more beautiful the closer we get to summer. I especially love all the cherry blossoms!   Our little flat is so full of books and clutter as though we have been there for years (it is the curse of the AMAZING charity shops that Edinburgh keeps shoving in my face. 50p books? Bring it on!) and we have even started to get to know our neighbours. Strangely I don't think I ever really knew my neighbours in Galway, not until the month before we left at least! The big news of the month is that I really, really am enjoying it. Which is super! My colleagues are fabulously nice (I've been so lucky with colleagues since I moved here) and the job allows me to use my brain a heck of a lot more than my last job did. I also get to wear purpl