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So... what's the craic?

I realised today how long it has been since I blogged. My attempts to keep up have been pathetic. I apologise. I'm uaf├ísach ar fad. Sorry. So... what's the craic? Well, Edinburgh is going great. We both are settling in though it is taking longer to find our niche than we thought it would. We've started to really make friends which is always great fun and our flat is really becoming our little haven. You should come visit. We would love to show it off to you. Work is pretty ok, though we're both thinking of heading on the job hunt again. I'm simply not earning enough so it will be another job for me as well as what I'm doing now and James has done his time with his employers. I think itchy feet have kicked in. Or it could be the fact that one of his co-workers on hearing that he was with the company nearly four years remarked that he must consider it his long term career. He was not impressed. But 2012 is in a new city, with new opportunities, new adventures