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Life of Lu 31/08/11

- I had a fight with my hairbrush during the week. It was quite a battle full of knots, hair ties and tears. I got annoyed. I did probably the most irrational thing I have ever done. I reached for some scissors. And cut off my knotted ponytail. The whole thing. Straight off. I now have short hair. I love it! It suits my face much more. I even took a really lovely photo of it. But I can't find my card reader of my camera cable. So you're just going to have to believe me. :) oops... - I took part in a really interesting project recently. A friend of mine Tiffani started a blog on religion and tolerance. And she asked me would I contribute to it. So I did! It is such an interesting read. I found it fascinating to read other people's beliefs. Or lack of. You should read it. It is right here . The majority of the posts are written by followers of the Mormon faith. Tif would love to hear from others  Atheist, agnostic, Catholic, Scientist, Pagan, whatever. She doesn't mind.

Life of Lu 24/08/2011

- I would firstly like to ask, Where, oh where, has our summer gone? It is August 24th! There has been little to no sunshine, little to no summer weather. So much so this month should be called Au-vember! -The end of the summer is back to school time for parents and pupils everywhere. For my workplace it is like a regular stores Christmas as we sell the necessary school books for back to school. And I must admit it can be painful working in such an environment. People can be so cruel. I don't know why certain consumers feel that it is in some way appropriate for them to threaten, or verbally abuse retail staff.  We don't get paid enough to be emotional punchbags. We don't control the regularity of new editions of books. We have no influence on publication dates or stock that the suppliers have run out of.  We do not make the company policies. We carry them out or get fired. Yes. FIRED. Each year the last week of August and the first week of September are draining. We are r

Is it just me?

Have I told you that I am moving to Scotland soon? I'm sure I have. Well, I've suddenly realised how soon that is going to be (I'm finished work in 6 weeks!) and I'm freaking out. Not about Scotland. I can't wait to move. I can't wait to get to know James' family a little better. Especially his little nephews and niece who are just ADORABLE. I can't wait to explore somewhere new I think I've grown out of Galway a little. I think I grew out of Galway a long time ago but stayed for various (good) reasons. But growing out Galway isn't what has freaked me out. No I'm freaking out because at the ripe age of 27 I have NO IDEA what I want to do. Or be. Or anything. Ok, the "or anything" was a bit dramatic. I know some stuff. I know that I want to be with James. I know that someday, well into the future, I would like to have children.  I know that I want to improve my health, figure and fitness. I know that I want to see much more of the

These are a few of my favourite things....

I was thinking today about how I have some really talented friends. And how so many of my friends don't realise how talented they actually are. So today my blog is dedicated to those friends. It also allows me to share with you the talent that I am lucky enough to enjoy regularly. 1) Brianán . Brianán is a one of those people who you spend with time with and then smile for about two days afterwards. I don't know how she does it but I adore spending time with her. She also has started making her own cards and notepaper. From SCRATCH! How cool is that? Would you like a look? Of course you would! Yup. Isn't she talented? Why not click  HERE and let her know what you think?  2. Tiffani I met Tiffani about four years ago in a little city called Tallinn. (see photo above) We became really good friends and her friendship is one that I have really treasured in the last few years. We send each other letters and parcels. We talk about everything and anything. We shared

no offense but..../ life of lu

-Have you come across the phrase "no offense but..." followed by something quite cruel, hurtful or just plain ignorant? I have been coming across the phrase quite a bit lately and it is starting to bug me quite a lot. How much more ridiculous can one phrase be? The other day someone I know quite well used that phrase and followed it by something that stung me slightly. It wasn't a nice comment. Or at least I didn't think so. But what got me was that the person continued on talking as if such an insult hadn't been thrown. Is it really adequate to say "no offense but..." and expect no repercussions for your words? Codswollop if you ask me! Then today I took a taxi home from teaching as it was pouring from the skies. The trip started off fine but I noticed that the taxi driver kept referring to his religion. I'll be honest, I wasn't bothered. In fact I love hearing people talk about their religion. Especially those with much faith. When those with

Ten reasons why I love being ginger.

I am very aware that the non-gingers reading this piece are going to be scratching their heads in confusion as to why someone would love to be ginger. 1. As a child American tourists would stop me and ask to take my photo as I looked like an Irish Cailín (pronounced caw-leeen), which is the typical pasty ginger look associated with Ireland. They would always reward my posing with a pound or two and this added nicely to my pocketmoney. Honestly, for about three years I wore as much green as possible just for this reason! All because I am ginger. 2. There is an element of fear surrounding gingers. This is due to superstition and South Park. I used to work in a bar where one of the regulars refused to be served by me because of my hair colour. Honestly. In Connemara  there is much superstition about red-heads. If a red-haired woman crosses the path of the fisherman in the morning on their way to their boats they will turn around and go home. A red-haired man on the boat is also belie

The hootowary

I have started writing again. And this is my current piece of creativity. It is not finished but I thought I would share I would love to get some feedback if you could spare the time. The Hootowary Have you ever seen a Hootowary? No! My goodness! Let me tell you all about him. A hootowary is quite a trickster and is awfully good at hiding, Don't be too upset that you have never seen one not many people have, but you may have at some time been tripped by a hootowary. and not have even noticed.... What is that you say? What does one look like? Well a hootowary is like a rather large owl. An owl so tall he is bigger than most grown men. But an owl so slim he can hide behind even the slightest tree. The one HUGE difference between a hootowary and an owl are the feet. Owls have little bird feet with razor sharp talons at the end. A hootowary is much different. He has clown feet. Yes, you heard me. Clown feet. HUGE clown feet at that. Now why, I hear you ask, would a bird need hug