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Life of Lu 27/07/11

Oh what a week! Really genuinely! It was fabulous! On Friday I met two friends of mine who always but a smile of my face, Maria and Donagh and we went for a sneaky pint to Neachtains which is one of my favourite places in Galway.  I really enjoyed meeting up with them and I'll be honest it put a big smile on my face to see them both. Then I got a text from a wonderful friend of mine from home Sarah who I considered an adopted sister for years along with the other scallywag Marie. She too was in Galway with her very lovely other half Rossa who I hadn't met before. So we also went for an afternoon pint in the sunshine in Galway. Anyone who has ever been a resident of Galway will know that an afternoon of sunshine in Galway can be very hard to beat. Everyone is always so happy to be here! Then on Saturday it was my friend's birthday. So Siobhan and I decided to make a cake. A guitar cake! I do have photos but my silly laptop charger has died so I can't us my laptop at


I don't know if I have ever mentioned it but I am moving to Scotland in a few months with my lovely boy. I was thinking about Scotland a lot today as I am very very very excited about the whole thing. I have been to Scotland loads of times and I do love it. So I began to think Just to get myself all excited Because I think it is important to keep excitement alive what it is that I am looking forward to most. This is what I came up with. 1. I am really looking forward to getting to know James' family a bit better. A lot better really I guess considering I know next to nothing about them and they know next to nothing about me! I have met most of his siblings and they all seem quite lovely so I'm not particularly nervous about being so close. He also has the most adorable niece and nephews in Glasgow and it will be lovely to get to know them too. 2. Kilts. I will be really disappointed if I don't see some Kilt action. It may be dashing kilt action or bold kilt action

Life of Lu 19/07/11

-The Galway Arts Festival is in town and as per usual it is fabulous fun! James and I have been very pro-active in taking part in events this summer as it is our last summer in Galway for a long long time. Perhaps even our last summer in Ireland. Who knows? We weren't swift enough to get tickets to Cillian Murphy's play Misterman  but we have been very good in checking out other aspects of the festival. Such as the art exhibitions.  and of course, one of the main events in the Galway calender, the Macnas parade - As we are doing so well on our journey to non-smokingdom we also decided to treat ourselves to a very lovely lunch on Sunday. In Eddie Rockets - a really fun, American Style Diner. We tend to go there when we are going to the cinema as they are side by side. They also serve a mean Strawberry Malt. Yum! James was happy with the sexy lady on the menu.... and I fell in love with my sweet potato chips in a little fryer basket! Cool! - Our trip out go

Les Philébulistes Galway Arts Festival

My favourite time in Galway is during the Galway Arts Festival. There is always so much to see and do. Especially when there is sunshine! Today there was a free performance of Arcane by Les Philebulistes It was superb! Check out Arcane below!

Life of Lu 13/07/11

I'm going to be honest. I've been really bad updating this baby for the past few weeks. Really bad! But I am here now. That is what is important. This week has been mental. James and I are well on our way to being ex-smokers. I took the plunge first and James is following suit. Though I will admit that he is finding it worse than I am at the moment. Simply because he has gone on patches and I have gone cold turkey. Seeing what the patches is doing to his body is quite scary to be honest. It drives it home better than any advert what nicotine does to the body. That is not to say that I will ever stop loving it! But the time has come to stop this phase of my life. The weather here has been mega! So warm and there is really sunshine! In Galway! Miraculous! So we've been taking advantage of it. Forgive the grainy photos. I took them with my phone. Embarrassingly I'm not wearing white leggings in this one. These are my pasty white legs! There were so many pretty