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Life of Lu 26/04/11

- I said I would start my weekly life of Lu on a Tuesday so I could be reminded to do it by my friend's Tifbit . I am very glad that I made that decision because as expected I totally forgot until I saw Tif's Tuesday entry! -I had such a great weekend! One of my nearest and dearest told me the most enchanting news. Baby news! But it is all still very early and I'm not going to reveal the fabulous details. Needless to say, I could not be happier  for her or her beau. Guys, that kid is going to be one lucky little dude/dudette having you as mommy and daddy -My blog hit 5000 views this week which was super! Thanks folks! -The Cellar bar reopened this weekend. WHOOHOO! Best all day brekkies EVER! All in all, a great week in Galway!

Galway at Easter!

Very few things are more beautiful than Galway in the sunshine. The city transforms into a wonderland of music and street art. This weekend there was the added bonus of Easter. Here are some of the Pascal delights found over the weekend! And of course there was chocolate lots and lots of choclate but there were other non-Easter delights to be found this weekend And the best thing I found while wandering this weekend The boy on his lunch break! Hi James! HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!

Task Four: Review anything.

I had been trying to decide on what to review for sometime when all of a sudden some gastronomical delights tickled me so pink I felt a divine hand had chosen my topic for me.  What nirvana of yum could receive such gushing I hear you ask?  Let me tell you.  The Gourmet Tart Co . of Galway. How it came about was, I was strolling home from work and I had just dealt with a customer who made Damien from the Omen seem like a cute little rascal.  I was emotional, tired and looking for something to spoil myself with.  As I walked past the Gourmet Tart Co. on Abbeygate Street I had a sneaky peek in the window and decided to get myself a little cake.  So I picked up a passionfruit and cassis mousse to take home with me. I think that afternoon I went to passionfruit heaven.  The little cake was moist, sweet and without trying to sound like a gushing commission earning gimp, delightful.  So I decided to put the Gourmet company to the test. I live close to the store on Henry Street  so arm

thought for the day

I heard this on the radio this morning. I felt I needed to share it. Ladies and Gentlemen of the class of '97, Wear sunscreen. If I could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen would be it. The long term benefits of sunscreen have been proved by scientists, whereas the rest of my advice has no basis or reliable then my own meandering experience. I will dispense this Enjoy the power and beauty of your youth. Oh, nevermind, you won't understand the power and beauty of your youth until they've faded, but trust me in 20 years, you'll look back at photos of yourself and recall in a way you can't grasp now how much possibility lay before you and how fabulous you really looked. You are not as fat as you imagine. Don't worry about the future, or worry, but know that worrying is as effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubblegum. The real troubles in your life are apt to be things that never crossed your worried mind: the

Task three: Rant about anything: Reaction to the Queen's visit

Oh this task is a very well timed task. I am really in the mood to rant. What you may ask could be annoying me to the extent that I need to vent? I will tell you. I am REALLY irritated by people's reaction to the Queen of England's visit to Ireland. Apparently outside the GPO in Dublin some group staged a beheading of the queen. I have seen countless acts of graffiti comprised of the most ignorant comments. and why? Because the head of another state is coming to visit. Yes she is coming from the England But it is time to realise that that conflict is our history Yes Northern Ireland is still part of the United Kingdom. But that conflict has evolved into something different to what it was when the partition happened in the 1920's. Ireland and England are more tightly related than most young people care to remember. How many of us have a parent or a relative who went to England to work when there was no work in Ireland? I'm not only talking about the 1950's-1980

Perfect Strangers Intro

I remember loving this show as a kid. I've thought about it often but for the life of me couldn't remember the name. Then tonight I walked in on the boys watching Beverly Hill Cops 3 and one of the characters from this show was on it! Thanks to the wonderful tool that is Wikipedia I found this little nugget of nostalgia... wonderful!

Life of Lu 19/04/11

My lovely friend Tif has a wonderful thing she does on a Tuesday called her Tifbit I love it! It is a weekly update on what is going on. So I think I might follow her example and do something similar. On a Tuesday as I will probably only remember it once I see hers. This week has been mega. - I managed to arrange the BEST birthday surprise EVER for James. I don't know how I'm going to beat it next year to be honest! But his birthday isn't until May 8th so I must keep you all in suspense also. - I managed to get some holidays off work. Super stuff! I didn't think I would have any time off until I leave in September. But I do. And I have some wonderful plans for that time. Again, they most remain secret for fear the boy will read my blog - I got a surprise chocolate today with my coffee. It really did make my day a little bit sweeter. -I received two beautiful wedding invitations in the post this week. I have been very bold and have not thanked the wonderful c

Task two. Write a fanfiction - Being a wolf

It is not easy being a wolf in the land of make believe. We are always typecast as vindictive, sneaky villains who go out of our way to hurt, destroy or even kill poor woodland creatures – or worse- defenseless little children. There is not one story where you will find a tale of a na├»ve young wolf being led astray by another creature, nor will you hear of a wolf that is too shy to intimidate another being. Well folks, I am here to tell you my story and let you find out what really has been happening out there in the deep dark forest. The obvious place to start is by telling you about my encounter with that little liar, Red Riding Hood. It is a story that has been told for many years in a biased, unfair manner. It was a lovely summer morning and I was wandering through the forest looking for someone to play with. It was quite a warm day out so I wasn’t looking for anything too strenuous. Perhaps a game of tag or hide and seek – though I find that people tend to just run away rather

Writing Challenge 1: Write a short autobiography

I was trying to figure out where to start this one and a line from one of my favourite poems kept popping into my head  I was six when I first saw kittens drown. Dan Taggart pitched them, 'the scraggy wee shits', Into a bucket; a frail metal sound,  ... Seamus Heaney, The Early Purges Now I'll be honest with you, I don't recall ever seeing kittens drown, I remember seeing puppies being drowned, It was an on a neighbours farm and very much a thing of being in the  wrong place at the wrong time. It was a dreadful sight and a horrible memory ever after. I know that The Early Purges is a poem describing a traumatic childhood event and as Freudian as it may seem that it was the first thing that came into my head when I tried to think of my youth, I must say that I didn't really mind my younger years. Some of my favourite memories are from that time. Going to stay with my Granny and Grandad during the summer and being allowed to "help" with the hay. I

Oh this looks fun!

A birthday smile!

I had a wonderful birthday this year. It wasn't flash or crazy I spent it at home with James. But it was one of my best yet! Why? Well, I got a Terry's Chocolate Orange cake with sparklers And  a beautiful hand made card from James I even got a banner for the day  Siobhan and Joe bought me a beautiful purple sequined bag and made me a lovely card of their own! Siobhan gave me this wonderful frame with a beautiful photo inside And Joe gave me a holder for my jewellery as he heard me admiring Siobhan's one day! James gave me some DVDs and even sat through them when I watched them! And the lovely Eibhlin gave me a duck. And he tasted as yummy as he looked! Thanks for a great day everyone! xxx

Best finds of the weekend!

I have discovered two wonderful things this weekend. The first, is that a very talented photographer friend of mine has started up her own facebook page showing off her talents. She kindly let me use one of her photos as my photo of the day Then the other wonderful thing I discovered was SWEETIE PIES! Anyone in the Galway area, if you do one thing this week it should be to go to Sweetie Pies! If Willy Wonka owned a cake shop this would be it! The Tea Rooms are in the Old Pro Cathedral Buildings on Middle Street


I have been going back over old memories while revamping my blog. Basically my laptop has all my stuff and  is threatening to die and I really don't want to lose all this! But one of the best things about this revamp is revisiting some of the most important moments of my life.. Like meeting James for the first time Meeting some mega friends for the first time Learning to spread my wings The grief I went through when I lost my sister The best thing however is seeing how I have grown and how different my views on my life are now and what i put my focus on and what seems important. I think it is the best birthday present I could have ever given myself!

27!!! How did that happen?

I am very well aware that age is just a number. I am also very aware that you are as young as you feel. I am also aware that the more saucy of you out there believe that you are as young as the man you feel - as this suits my needs most I think I will go with this line of thought for a while. Now 27. What do we know about 27? Well the number itself is the number that follows 26 and precedes 28. Simple. Nothing too horrid there. But the age, well that is a different story. Now I am reaching the territory of  "Oh! Nearly 30!" -say this to me and I may kick you. Be warned. And let's not forget "So! Will we be getting a big day out of you soon? You're pushing on!" - again, say it at your peril. But surely there has to be something MEGA that came out of this dismal number. So I went exploring. And at first the results weren't exactly heartwarming.  I learned that these people died aged 27.   That really wasn't a good start... But then I