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St. Patrick's Day!

I know I'm a bit late posting a St. Patrick's Day piece, two days in fact but I am a believer in better late than never! I really enjoyed St. Patrick's day this year. I was really conscious of the fact that it was my last Paddy's day here for what will be a long time. So I tried to embrace the whole day as much as I could! This year we are living just above the parade route so I had a great viewing point from our bedroom window! I really enjoyed the parade. It was so vibrant and so full of colour! With some traditional Irish images thrown in between And I saw so many leprechauns! Some of the buildings also got into the Paddy's day spirit There were street performers drawing in crowds Balloons galore and some random visitors to the city And thought of those in need The best thing about St. Patrick's day was  spending it with my favourite person So, Happy St. Patrick's Day Everyone! Lá Fhéile Pádraig shona daoibh!!

a photo challenge!

I know this is something that is supposed to be done over 30 days. I think I'm going to do it all in one go. Which may be very boring for anyone who is reading it.     A picture of yourself with 10 facts 1. My name is Louise. 2. I am nearly 27 years old. 3. I am Irish 4. I am ginger 5. My boyfriend's name is James. 6. But at heart I am a daddy's girl 7. I love to read 8.I love to blog 9. I want to travel the world a little at a time 10. I am planning on winning the lotto this week. A picture of you and the person you have been closest with the longest This is of Edel and I trying Haggis She is my best friend. I adore her. I miss her being close by. I think she is mega. A picture of the cast from your favorite show I love House. A picture of your favorite night This is the first night of my trip around Europe With my wonderful friend David. It is definitely one of the best nights I've ever had. A picture of your favorite memory Again this is one of a few  and it also f

Evaluating life.

I have been watching the tsunami and earthquake coverage in Japan. How upsetting. So much devastation. So much loss. I think when something like this happens in the world it is important to look at our lives  and ponder what we would do if we lost everything. Have a think about our priorities and what is important in life. Think about who and what we are thankful for. So I'm going to take a few moments to be thankful. To appreciate the things that should be appreciated. I am thankful for James. I don't know where I would be without him. What I would be doing. Where I would be doing it. Though, to be honest we really don't know what we're doing now! But we are doing it together. And we are enjoying doing it together. And I look forward to whatever idiotic idea we decide to jump on next. I am thankful for James' family and how welcome they have made me feel as part of that family. They made me Aunty Louise which is something I never expected. But something I

New leadership - new hope?

There has been a lot of talk lately about a "New Ireland" which  to be honest is a load of rubbish. Once the excitement of the election has passed we are all going to be right back where we started. Pessimistic I know. But honest. There is however a lot of hope in our newly elected TD s. Today there was a front page of a tabloid  dedicated to the fact that we have our first openly gay TDS . There is a horrid woman who spouts religious doctrine on the streets of Galway and she was having a great time talking about the evils of the aforementioned TDs. I was unfortunate to be in the vicinity for some of her speech. And then the most wonderful thing happened. Six or seven young schoolboys went up to her and told her to be quiet. She screamed horrible things at the boys but they stood their ground. They said to her that Ireland was a progressive country now and that it was people like her who should be ashamed. I gave them a little clap as I chewed on my sandwich. It occurred to m