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Ah November. You have returned.

I woke up this morning with a dullness in my heart that I normally don't have in the morning. On my mornings allocated to sleep in I resemble a sloth blissfully unaware of life in a cocoon, but on a normal morning I wake up with a bit of a bounce. I start my day with a bit of shower time karaoke. I dance around the bedroom as I get dressed for the day. I have a great time. ( Jeez, as I write this I suddenly appreciate Stuart's morning patience a little bit more! Ha!)  Anyway, the point being, despite a very early bed time last night I woke up a wee bit deflated. Then I remembered  that my old nemesis November has returned. I did a quick calculation. Marguerite would be 32 next week. 32! Being 32 was one of my favourite times. Another quick calculation, Marguerite will be gone 15 years this month. 15 years. 2 more years and she will be gone as long as she was with us. Every November is a little bit easier than the last. Of course it is. Time is a wonderful healer. But e