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Thankfuls 31/05/2019

Not many people are aware of it, but I had a bit of a health scare last week. I went for a regular 15 minute check up with my GP and spent the following 5 days in hospital going through every test imaginable to man. I am still in the middle of tests but the prognosis is so far positive and I have been allowed home for rest which is fabulous, but good god did I get a fright. And if I am honest I'm not sure Stuart is quite right after it all either!

I have been joking how I would love a good old MOT (NCT for the Irish amongst us), for a while now. They say mocking is catching, and I have fairly gone through the MOT process this last week. Oh boy has it been a fast week! In that time I have had more blood taken than was shed in the Game of Thrones. My hand is so bruised it looks like I have my first tan! I have seen my pancreas, liver, kidneys and an ovary (very cool scan if I say so myself!), I have had my pee collected in little buckets/bottles for 24hrs, and I have pretty much either stripped the top half of me, or the bottom half of me for every consultant in Aberdeen!

Thankfully, my medication is working, slowly, but working. I have some more tests to do next week and then hopefully I will be well on the road to recovery! The whole thing has made me reflect back on what a lucky bastard I am. There are a lot of things that I am thankful for this morning...

1. Stuart

Jeez that poor boy has his work cut out for himself with me. I waved him off to work on Friday last week, and then casually sent him a message a few hours later to say I was in hospital and could he come bring me an overnight bag. I will get in a lot of trouble when I tell you this story, but I love it. I opened up the bag once he arrived, and inside there was a lovely set of clean clothes (I was in my work clothes at the time) but no pyjamas…. I laughed and asked that he bring them the next day... then I pulled out my toothbrush, with no toothpaste... my makeup bag but not my toiletry bag...and my favourite... a roll of toilet paper. We learnt two very important things that day. 1. Stuart needs a list when it comes to these things and 2. If ever I need something done like that again, call Jodie.

But, my god has Stu been amazing. He couldn't do enough to make sure I was ok, to keep me calm. I have never been so happy as I was being told I was allowed home, and to just sit and have a cup of tea with him on the sofa.

2. The NHS

The NHS is amazing. I can't praise it enough. Yeah, I had a bit of waiting around, so what? From my GP to the doctors and nurses at the hospital, everyone has been super efficient in getting me dealt with. Every test and procedure has been explained to me in minute detail, and I have marvelled at how thorough they have been in investigating what is wrong.

I was supposed to have a procedure today, but unfortunately it was deemed a little too risky to carry out just yet. When the doctor told me yesterday, he was so apologetic. So kind. I have felt a little like a fraud because I don't feel particularly sick, and I said as much to one of the consultants. She put it into perspective very quickly that I am lucky I don't feel sick, because as it stands, we stumbled upon my health blip by accident which means we have caught it early enough to deal with it. Despite being ridiculously busy, she sat there and comforted me about something rather silly than pass me off onto a nurse.

As for the nurses. They are superstars. Actual superstars. I had a prime viewing area from my room on my ward, and I got to have a nosy at what was going on in the corridors outside. I couldn't get over how rude some people are to the nurses. Shouting and ranting nonsense. I felt awful having to buzz them so they would collect my pee. I felt like an animal!  They are a fantastic bunch. Be nice to nurses. They give you tea, and jelly and ice cream.

3. My boss

Oh, she has been amazing. She just makes me laugh, even when I am in minor meltdown. She has made it clear her priority is getting me better. Her support has just been so comforting and has allowed me to focus on getting better.

4. My friends

I didn't tell many people that I was in hospital but those that did know have been fantastic. I think I can open up a fruit stall from everyone's generous gifts! People popped in with cards, and a chat or just sat with me and watched game shows for an afternoon. Some messaged me lots of shite talk to distract me. My team at work sent some lovely messages too. It was overwhelming and lovely, all at the same time.

5. Hospital food.

I love it. I actually do. Jelly and Ice cream after dinner? A tangerine with my lunch. I took the process of ordering my lunch and supper very seriously much to the amusement of Stuart and the nurses.

6. Luck

I am so thankful that Lady Luck was on my side. Had I not gone for that wee check up when I did, I would have been walking around today like a ticking time bomb. I think that is the scariest thing of all. I have not had any of the usual symptoms at all, I just felt like I needed a check up as it had been a while. Once my tests are finished, a treatment plan will be in place and there will be no stopping me.

That is all my thankfuls for today. All this mention of tea has me gasping for a cuppa so I shall head away. Thank you friends for all the love. It has been very much appreciated. What doesn't kill us, makes us stronger! From now on you can just call me Hercules!!



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