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Thankfuls 22/11/18

Today is Thanksgiving in the USA.
It is also the end of Beaufest but that is a story for another time.
I have love the idea of a holiday where we reflect on the things for which we are thankful.
I attended a funeral this week. It was the funeral of my friend's father.
It was a beautiful service and a lovely send off to a man who lived a most fascinating life.
As we waited for the service to begin, the organist played 'Going Home'. It always reminds me of singing in the school choir back in the day. It also reminds me of Marguerite's final journey from the church to her grave all those years ago .
Funerals and music are funny like that.
I sat and listened to very moving eulogy, and my thoughts turned to my own father.
Suddenly he felt very far away.
But as the day wore on my thoughts turned to the positive and I became rather thankful that even though he is far away that he is still here.
The mind is a vortex of craziness, procrastination, insanity and deliberation and after an evening/week of spiralling down the rabbit hole of inner monologue I decided it was time to do a thankful.

Things I am thankful for:

Image may contain: 1 person, indoor1. My dad
He is some man for one man. Despite everything that life throws at him he keeps moving forward and I know that he is always at the end of the phone if I need him. He would lay the world at my feet if it let him. Sometimes I wish I could lay more of the world at his.

2. Stu
Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, beard, selfie and close-upWhat do I write without sounding like a gushing love struck teenager? He has changed my life entirely and that entirety has been for the better. As the old saying goes, you find what you are looking for when you stop looking for it and I think that is very true for Stu and I. He makes the tough days easier and the great days brighter. The poor disillusioned boy thinks that he is one in charge and I kindly let him live in that bubble of illusion. We have a very happy home together when our downstairs neighbour isn't doing our nut in. We laugh, we sing, we drink far too much wine. We speak about poo far too much for adults without children. I never doubt that he loves me. He is very protective of me and sometimes I think he forgets that I took care of myself for many years before I met him. He is my best friend and I hope that I make him as happy as he makes me every day.

3.  My friends
The last few years have been quite odd, just a mish-mash of emotion and self doubt and all the other things that you don't learn about in school. My friends have been there through it all. Sometimes we don't see each other for months, sometimes it is a number of times a month but I have such a wonderful bunch of people in my life and for that I am truly thankful.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, beard, christmas tree, close-up and indoor4.Christmas Day
It is a very odd day to be thankful for I guess but it is the end of a very long road for us retailers. Actually that isn't even true... we then go in to sales mode on Boxing Day etc... etc... etc...
Christmas Day is the day that you truly relax and wonder how you survived the horrors of December retail. I love nothing more than shutting myself away to cook dinner, singing my Christmas songs, drinking some wine not worrying about tills breaking or customers slapping the faces off each other. It is also a day where you appreciate the team you work with. I am very lucky that I have a great team that I get to work with but it is still a tough couple of months. Someday I may write my rant about greed at Christmas and why do we need to open stores on the 26th but I might save that until I really need a wee rant!

5. Cheese
Because honestly, isn't cheese just the best?
I love cheese.


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