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Love, Music, Laughter

Early last year I wrote a blog about what I thought was important, after I had been asked the question while travelling in the USA. My answer was, and still is three things.  1.Laughter 2.Love 3.Music At the time, people found my number 3 odd.  My explanation was that music can make us laugh Music can make us cry Music can soothe a crying baby Music can remind us of the ones we love dearly. Tonight (04/06/17) we saw something else that music can do. Manchester showed us the power of sharing music. Music can join us together. Music can give us hope. Music can represent love. Humans are a flawed species. One of the biggest flaws that we are faced with is extremism. There is always an excuse behind the extremism. Sometimes it is politics. Sometimes it is relationships. Sometimes (quite frequently at the moment) it is religion. The excuses are never the reason. They are excuses. Excuses made by cowards. I am not religious. I have a l