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Another year, another many grey hairs.

It is finally here. 33. One more year until I am 34, the year I decided I would have no choice but to consider myself a fully fledged adult, after all, at 34 I will be older than Jesus. Those of you who have kindly read my blog over the years will be aware that every year I have a wee look back as well as a look forward. Every year, for the last few, I have been full of change. All I have wanted is change. This year is different. I always said that 32 was my year. I had a feeling in my bones that I would have a good year being 32. I got a new job, which pushed me to my limits but which satisfies my thirst for learning and growth. I moved into a wee flat on my own which if we are honest can only be described as cosy but it fits my books, a kettle and my enormous box of Lyons teabags so I really have nothing to complain about. I have friendships that have blossomed into truly beautiful friendships in this past year. Steve and Jocelyn have become such a huge part of my life thi