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I have had the most lovely October.
I was in Ireland two weeks ago where I got to see Edel for the first time in TWO YEARS.
I was so excited to see her, it is a true testament to our friendship that we don't see each other in so long but we pick up pretty much where we left off. The is no awkwardness or grumpiness at our lack of contact, just a 'hey, how are things? I have missed your face'. It was so good to catch up and find out what is happening in our very different worlds. I miss our chats.

Donagh and Maria got hitched!!!

I am so excited about this blog post.
I know that when I sign off at the end I will be beaming. This blog is about a wedding that I went back to Ireland for this week. It was a very brief return to the Emerald isle but a wonderful one. Let me tell you a bit about the stunning couple.  I met Donagh and Maria about 12 years ago, maybe even a bit longer. We met through various people, and even back then you could tell they were the perfect couple. The house they lived in (No. 5) was like the Mecca of wanderers. Inevitably after a night out we would end up back there having some beers, playing video games or having an old sing-song.  If the house was the centre of that universe, Maria and Donagh were the home planet with the moons of Kev, Pete and Steve orbiting around it. The sun of the universe was of course Kev jnr. The cat. When my sister passed away, Donagh and Maria were two of the biggest pillars of support I had.  So were the others in that group, I was so lucky in hindsight that t…