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A weekend with the Rowses

I have just come back from Edinburgh where I was lucky enough to help some lovely friends of mine celebrate the excitement that was their wedding day! Oh what a wedding it was!
I attended with some of my colleagues from my Corstorphine days, and one of the things that made my heart soar was how easy it was for all five of us to step back into the chat of days past.

I went into the weekend in a bit of a glum place, and while I won't apologise for my self-indulgent rambling on Thursday, I did need a wee bit of a reality check. I needed to see a fairy tale in real life.
I was lucky enough that this weekend I got both.

I slept in my own bed on Friday night and when I came back to my apartment, the excitement of both my bed and the day that lay ahead of me on Saturday made me realise that a lot of my ranting on Thursday was a result of me being lonely. I should have spotted it quicker before I let it drive me a bit mad. It is a road I travelled down about 8 months ago. I did my laundry, watched some 'Still Game', and drank the much craved for Lyons tea and I came out the other side with a fire in my belly and ready for some twirling!

My first task on Saturday morning was to hit Sainsburys for a load of basics items that we could use in our spoof gift for the bride and groom. I was having a ball picking out the basics range for the box, when I ran into two managers that knew me from my time at Sainsburys. I suddenly became very aware of what was in my trolley, and the swift glance between the two that reeked of 'oh, she must have fallen on hard times'. All I could do was laugh and head to a checkout. The gift turned out better than we could have anticipated. It was so much fun to make, and the couple seemed to appreciate it too!

It was great to catch up with my no. 1 gal pal Claire, and of course the lovely Craig. We are a year in Aberdeen as of last week which is just insane. So much as happened in that time, and for me it has been a whirlwind year. The excitement was building up all the way to Edinburgh as our group chat was hopping the whole way down. Our wee Corstorphine group hadn't seen each other in over a year, probably closer to two. We also have a lot of fun together so it is a pity that it has taken us so long to get together. What better reunion than at a Corstie group member's wedding!

Oh what a wedding it was. The bride was beautiful. Stunningly beautiful. I heard a rumour throughout the evening that her dress weighed a stone! If that is true then her elegance is even more inspiring! The groom and his groomsmen were kilted and looking fabulously Scottish also. I don't know what it is about a kilt that just oozes manliness. They are a wonderful thing indeed.

I remember when Chris and Jordan became a couple. Chris told me a 'secret' one work night out, and that 'secret' was that he and Jordan were seeing each other. It was the worst kept secret in the history of secrets.  All you had to do was look at him and Jordan and you could see the sparks fly. As the weeks went on, it was obvious that Chris was besotted. He told me drunkenly on an area night out that he thought that he loved her, that she was just perfect. He told me that she was the woman he was going to marry. I was a bit taken aback my how early on he said it but you could tell that he knew. Whenever Jordan came up in conversation he became as mushy as a marshmallow.

Lyndsey asked Chris last night if he knew from the start if Jordan was the one. Without missing a beat he said yes, he always knew. I thought it was a beautiful thing to say and it was obvious that he meant it.

Romance aside, the wedding had all the usual shenanigans. Sweet trolley, fancy dress, cracking tunes (sorry Snapchatters for my rendition of Oasis at 11pm :( ), dancing, stories, proper banter, flipflops and laughs all round. I looked at all the people around me and I felt so at home, so full of love and friendship. It put my self pity right back into the little box it belongs in.

I must also mention the live stream of the groom in the bathroom... horrendous but hilarious all at once!

I was staying in an apartment next to the hotel last night. Even that was a barrel of hilarity. My flatmates for the night were so much fun. I got twirls last night, and a cup of tea made for me this morning followed by farewell hugs. I did feel bad that the guys had to listen to my shite banter for about 30 minutes this morning but I think the image of them chasing gypsies around Cambridge with butter will stay with me forever!

Thank you everyone for a great weekend, it has been so good to catch up with everyone, and to meet all the new faces.  Now I have to go a prep myself for yet another week in Dundee!

Chris and Jordan, may you have a wonderful lifetime together filled with memories so great you can't if anticipate them yet. xx


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