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Sliding doors

This is going to be a weird blog post. I can feel it in my bones. Mostly because I am not entirely certain how to put across my point even though I feel rather passionately about it! I was chatting with my fabulous friend Tiffani earlier and we were having a good old catch up about our lives and loves (though in my case that was a very mute topic, and hers was Joe, not as much gossip as one might expect from a girlie chat!). As always it was a wonderful catch up. I truly love that girl. After our indulgence in Whatsapp, I flicked through the TV channels and I found the film ' Sliding Doors '. It is a cheesy film, not the kind of movie I normally go for but for some reason I love it. Simply love it. For those of you unfamiliar with the film, it alternates between two parallel universes following the life of the protagonist Helen (Gwyneth Paltrow). The split shows her life if she a) catches a train or b) misses a train. On the back of my conversation with Tif, and the fi

Birthday thoughts

Today is my brother's birthday. 31 today! Imagine. My baby brother is 31 years of age. It is frightening. I am only 15 months older but it feels like a lifetime sometimes. Happy birthday Patrick, I hope you have a day of joy and happiness as everyone deserves on their birthday. My cousin's 10 year anniversary was on the 1st of July That wedding feels like only a handful of years ago. Congratulations Tracy and David! It was that day that created not only a wonderful marriage, but the O'Dwyer tradition that is the shoe dance! The birthday and the anniversary made me thing of days gone by, today. How much can happen in a relatively short space of time. I thought about birthdays when we were kids. My birthdays throughout my twenties which were simply superb So full of love and thoughtfulness. I remembered the horror that was my 30th. Full of flu and feeling very alone when I came home after a lovely day in Glasgow with Margaret and her adorable children.  My moth