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Beards (my blog for Claire)

Have you ever watched 'Sons of Anarchy'? No?  You should. Yes? Isn't it brilliant!! I am obsessed with Opie. Seriously, YUM! My housemate's girlfriend recommended it, and we have been having quite a marathon viewing of the show. I had seen a few sporadic episodes, and I thought it was alright. But now that I am watching it in by series, I have become addicted.  The show itself is at times brutal. Seriously brutal. But it is also beautifully shot, emotionally compelling and best of all... it is full of bearded men. I swear, I am in hirsuite heaven. There has been a running joke, amongst my pals that I have a type. I have always scoffed at the idea of having a type. It is ridiculous. However, I am slowly beginning to think that it is true!I was  at a gig in Glasgow last week, and I was tripping over bearded beauties. I have never been so happy! The criteria appear to be rather straight-forward.  Bearded Tall Broad  Some would say

Someday I'll fly away

I have, yet again, been consumed with wanderlust. It is a curse.  An addiction My greatest desire. I have been getting quite settled in Aberdeen. Everyone has been so great, so welcoming, so kind, so fun. There have been a few hiccups along the way, and that is to be expected. but all of a sudden that itch has come upon me. The itch to roam Explore Discover Write Those of you how suffer from bouts of wanderlust will understand exactly what I mean Will understand how it feels to want to live each day at a time by adventure at a time I am going to America in a few weeks. I will see so many things that I can't wait for... Vegas The Grand Canyon Temple Square in Salt Lake City The Mormon Tabernacle Choir Zion National Park I am hoping that helps scratch the itch. There is quite a possibility that it will worsen it. A huge part of me is telling me that i need to settle. I need to start savin