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Moving on.

The last couple of days have been a bit tough. A person that I love with all my heart, was hurt by someone who should have known better. What made it worse, was that this was the same person who sent me that horrid message two weeks ago.  Even though, I was not involved with the latter event, I felt a sense of guilt.  I felt that perhaps, had I responded to the hurtful person, perhaps I could have stopped all this. Perhaps, if I continued to take the brunt of this persons anger, she would stop attacking all those that I care for. It used to be focused mainly on me and then I moved to Scotland and I got away from it all. I found it easier to ignore it. I found it easier to pull away. I stopped going to Ireland unless for a specific purpose. I thought it was over, until other people started getting the brunt of her venom.
For years, the attacker has used me as her own emotional punch bag. For years, she has told lies about me, written nasty letters to people using my name, she has sent …

Trekking around Scotland... for the craic...

Oh what a busy week!
I have traversed half of Scotland over the past couple of days and I am now on my way home to Aberdeen to snuggle in to bed before my 5AM start tomorrow.
Actually, that is a lie. It is a 5.30AM start tomorrow. Sleep in!!

It has been a good week, a great week actually.
I very much enjoyed meeting up with everyone at our work meeting on Wednesday, and it is always a pleasure to go to Stirling. I struggle to call it a city, it is really more like a large town, but it is a beautiful one. For some reason, the Wallace monument always looks as though it is set against a painted landscape. It is beautiful.

I was facilitating a course in Stirling today, so rather than drag myself across the country twice in three days, I went to Edinburgh for a few day instead. It was lovely to be back, more so because I got to catch up with so many lovely people and just have a catch up. The last two weeks before I moved were so frantic I really didn't get to spend enough time with ev…

Nobody is perfect, and that is perfectly fine...

When I was a child I was taught a wee rhyme by my mother. 'Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me'. As an adult, I firmly hold on to that rhyme but I have changed 'names' to 'words' when I recite it in my head.
There is another famous saying: The pen is mightier than the sword. It is true. Damning words can linger when published and be reread when saved. But the written word is often the word of a coward,  or of someone who cannot justify their words when challenged, or of someone who is simply full of spite.
It is quite a cryptic start to a blog post isn't it. What are these words that Lu is speaking of? The words will remain with me.  To be honest I am indifferent to them. They were horrid, and not worth another moments thoughts. I don't think you'd believe me even if I did tell you! But they have made me reflect on my life a bit and on my decisions. They have made me thankful for many things. So here goes, here are som…

Glasgow, I missed you today...

Last night/this morning, the strangest thing happened.
I got homesick.Not for Ireland, not for Edinburgh, for Glasgow.
Weird, huh?

I think it is because I haven't been feeling the best.
I nearly ended up in hospital last week which wasn't great ideal.
I was alone in the flat for the weekend, when I fell very ill
and I was suddenly very aware of how alone I am in a new city.
Thankfully I was able to get everything under control and a quick call to NHS24 gave me advice on what I had to do. But I got a fright.

Then, I just wasn't myself this week, but I think I am a little run down.
I have been sleeping a lot more than normal and had a couple of migraines (which I haven't had in years). The sleeping could be a result of climbing Bennachie, and I have worked some messed up hours and I get migraines when I get stressed which I was moving up here.

Back to the point at hand. Homesick for Glasgow.
When I was in Edinburgh, when I was feeling poorly or down, I tended to go to Gl…

Another week in the Deen... and a wedding far, far, away....

I can't believe that I have over two weeks done in Aberdeen. They have just flown by, really flown. I have been very fortunate so far.  People have been very friendly, and generous with their time My new colleagues have been very welcoming. It has been a good start.

But, enough about that.  The most exciting thing happened yesterday! One of my best friends, in the entire world, married his college sweetheart. Unfortunately due to my move, and all that rubbishness, I was unable to to go to the wedding but facebook has been kind in showing me some beautiful snapshots of the day, and Adrian himself sent me a fabulous photo of him and his WIFE, Chrissie. HIS WIFE!! 

Adrian has been one of my dearest friends for what must be nearly 15 years. We worked together as teenagers, we celebrated our Leaving Cert results together, he came with me to my debs (prom), we were neighbours at uni, and went to the cinema nearly every Sunday night for the last year he spent in Galway. He and Edel (who…