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Riverdance and Vasily... an Irish wedding experience.

This weekend I went back to Ireland to celebrate the marriage of my beautiful cousin Roisin to her very lucky and equally wonderful husband Dean. It was the second O'Dwyer family wedding in three weeks and I was very excited about what lay ahead. The weekend didn't let me down! Whenever there is an O'Dwyer gathering we have a couple of words that sum up the weekend. When Nicola got married three weeks ago my buzzwords afterwards were 'mass-booklets' and 'shoe-dance'. For Roisin's wedding my buzz words are the title of this blog: 'Vasily' and 'Riverdance'. Vasily was an interesting character. He was a Georgian waiter working at the reception and he was without a doubt one of the rudest, most inappropriate people I have ever met. He shouted at us when it was time to for the meal. He told one of the girls at our table that he was only there because his pal had diarrhoea he knocked over chairs, he hit people with his napkin, some

The heart always wins...

I wrote an entry during the week about making a decision that requires either following your heart or your head. It is not a pleasant decision to have to make, and I struggled with it for quite a while. In the end, my heart won and while I have a lot of work to do to get my plans in motion (after which all will be revealed), I am delighted that I have gone with my decision. This is the first time since I booked a one way ticket to Italy in 2007 that I have made a completely selfish decision. I thought of nobody but me. Isn't that so obnoxious when you say it out loud? But that is what I did. I have reams of paper with pros and cons Each as valid as the one before it  For the first time since 2007 I followed my heart not my head. That was one of the best years of my life My heart got broken, but I have learnt from the errors of my younger years and have become a rather tenacious 31 year old. Since I decided to follow my heart, I have not stopped

Heart vs. Head

I have a dilemma at the moment. It is quite a dilemma actually. I made a life altering decision last week and I am so delighted with how much better I feel about myself having made that decision. The decision however is made up of two parts. The first part was the easy part. It was a simple question that required a yes or no answer. I answered without hesitation. The answer felt like the right one, even though it was the more difficult one. Part two is not so easy. It involves me making a choice. It isn't a straight forward choice either.  It is follow my heart or follow my head. Both options have their pros. Both options have their cons. My head tells me that option 'A' makes sense. It will benefit me professionally It will stave off any boredom that may be creeping in at the moment It will force me to be more independent My heart tells me that option 'B' makes sense. It will benefit me personally, It will stav

My favourite number is 34

Life is a funny wee thing really isn't it. Forrest Gump said it perfectly with his mamma's 'Life is like a box of chocolates' analogy. Sometimes, we make decisions that make sense. They just do. They can be about our careers, our location, our love life, our physical being, our spiritual being. There is a plethora of decisions that we make daily, weekly and monthly that will impact us for years. Then sometimes, just sometimes, you think you have made a decision that is perfect. It makes sense. It is easy. And then life gives you two fingers, says 'Hang on a second here, that isn't how we are going to do things', and all your planning goes topsy turvy. Is it a bad thing when this happens? Nah, I don't think so. It makes you tenacious. It makes you resilient. It makes you realise that sometimes you just have to let life take control. Stop thinking. Stop over planning. Just go with the flow. I had a wee bit of a panic last week. One of