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Project Lu 26/09/14

I came up with an idea the other day while in Birmingham at a work conference. I decided to start a project named 'Project Lu', after the blog and as it is my preferred name. The premise of the project is that I pick 10 things that will challenge me, take me out of my comfort zone and help balance my life a bit better. It will also take my mind away from the world of men and allow me to focus on me for a while. The positives of this project are: 1. New adventures 2. I get to write about my experiences (I love to write) 3. Better work/life balance 4. It will allow me to start focusing on me and stop me from focusing too much on the wrong people. 5. I will meet new people. So, I sent some feelers out. I have a few great suggestions but I want more: - rock climbing - go and participate in 5 religious services and blog about the positives - volunteer at a shelter for a week - Learn sign language - endurance training - first aid ( advanced training) - go to a ran

Life of Lu 15/09/15

Ten thoughts for today. 1. I have a weird crush on the comedian Jon Richardson. I don't know why.  Perhaps because he makes me laugh and has an adorable smile and dimples. Fab combination. Shame he is engaged (because naturally that is the only obstacle!) 2. I have found a new 'happy' album.  "Doo - wops and hooligans" by Bruno Mars. He has a very famous song called 'Just the way you are'. It is a beautiful song, very romantic. I have a bizarre association with it. It reminds me of my dad! We went on holiday to Sardinia together a couple of years ago and our evening entertainment was sudoku and my crap phone pretending to be a radio. That song was being played constantly, along with Eliza Dolittles 'Pack up'. By the end of the week my Da was humming along to both tunes. He would get so excited when Lloyd Wade sings 'So pack up your troubles in your own kit-bag' that all I could do was laugh! Wonderful memories of a wonderful time wi

Life of Lu : 05/09/14

The poor old 'Life of Lu' has really had an emotional pounding in the past few days. Though I don't think that I've ever been so grateful to have a way to vent my feelings! I remember when my sister died, my old english teacher Mary O'Flaherty, gave me a journal and she told me to write my grief out. She knew me well, and she knew that I get embarrassed when I bare my soul to people. I like to keep that stuff to myself but I know that it has to be released too. So I started to write about my emotions and it became the easiest way to clear my mind and ease my aching heart. That was ten years ago, and I still turn to my pen and paper (or in the world of technology, my blog) when the going gets tough. Though this time I turned to song too...  This week I was particularly teary and irrational. I didn't just cry. I howled. I made two people cry. (I am the worst!) I felt alone, and lost and was quite reflective on my life but as is the norm


I found out last night that a dear friend of mine passed away on Saturday. His name is Dan. I adored Dan. Like all friends, we had our ups and downs but he emailed me regularly after I moved here and I loved his catch ups. His emails were always positive and full of hope for a better tomorrow.  He had his struggles and that positivity made me smile when I read his words. So, what will I remember when I think back on Dan?  I will remember the good and the bad but I will focus on the good. I will remember how frustrated he got when you sang 'lollipop, lollipop, oh lolli, lollipop' because he would then pop his finger in his cheek and start singing it for the day. He had a similar reaction to the 'Shop shop song'. I sang both a lot. He loved music and would play tunes on his busted up laptop all day long. He would lie back on his chair, light a cigarette and relax. It was he who introduced me to Serge Gainsbourg. Sometimes, when he wasn't in too much