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Life of Lu 31/05/14

I don't have much time for an update today as I am working later, but considering how long it has been since I've had access to a computer to do this, I felt it was time to post something.
The life of Lu has taken a few unexpected turns since my last post. It has taken many unexpected turns if I am honest.
The biggest one is probably the fact that I am no longer in a relationship. 6 years on I am single again. Ouch for the ego and even more ouch for the fact that I just turned 30.  30! Not only did I turn thirty, I turned thirty with style. 
And with a slight mental breakdown of heading in to a new decade and literally starting my life all over again. But I got over it. I'm smiling. I'm wearing pink. I'm twirling. It is pretty ok.
I did have the trauma of my best friends wedding invite arriving with a plus one option.  I now understand all those comedians/ movies where this is an issue.  I always thought it was a bit naff, a bit overblown.  Nah. It isn't. It i…