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Thank you, 2014

It is that time of the year again. A time for looking back nostalgically at the months past and over-planning the months ahead. I was speaking with my pal Claire tonight, and we both agreed that while 2014 was rather bumpy in parts, it was one heck of a year. For me, it was a huge year. I was single again for the first time in a long time. That was a shock to my system! I was given my own shop and had ten odd months of training to sign off a store manager, I lost friends, I gained friends, I saw soulmates wed and I saw witnessed once cherished unions part. So, I am going to try and give you a snap shot of my 2014. January I moved in to my new flat on the 31st of January. It was so daunting to do it but thankfully, I knew the person I was moving in with. It was the first time in 6 years that I had lived on my own, and at first I found it really tough. I missed the cuddles, I missed having that person there to kiss my forehead before I went to sleep and tell me to have sweet dre

Life of Lu 17/12/14

I have often heard it said that there are certain dates which follow people around. Dates that crop up again and again and again. I think my date is December 17th and oh, what a December 17th it was! So, why was December 17th so amazing? 1. My sign off. Yesterday, I completed my store manager training by having a two and a half hour walk and talk around my shop with an area manager (not my one). I have been in my store as acting store manager for ten months, and my sign off was due to happen four times already so I have been eagerly anticipating the event! I am so lucky to have the team of colleagues that I have. They worked so hard to ensure that I had a wonderful store to deliver my walk and talk in, and when I found out I passed they presented me with a bottle of prosecco and a card, so I could have my prosecco and twirl. It is so humbling to have such a wonderful team around you, who are willing you to succeed every step of the way.  Andy and I, now fully fledged mana

Ten years later.....

As the majority of you know this week is the 10th anniversary of my wee sister's passing. Marguerite died on November 29th, and every year I have written a blog in memory of my fabulous wee sister. This year, I want to write a blog with a different angle. I want to write what I have learnt in the last ten years since Mags left us.  Marguerite was a cracker of a girl. Always up for a giggle, immaculately dressed and dolled up, mouthy when she wanted, but silent when she had a point to make, brilliant at imitating everyone she met and most importantly a true lover of life. When she died, especially with the circumstances surrounding her death, it shattered my heart. I can still remember the pain that used to shoot across my chest when I would think of her. It physically hurt. It was awful. A doctor told me during that time that you can actually feel your heart break. He was right. I felt it. I struggled to believe that life could ever be okay again. Everything I ha

Sometimes life just sucks...

As a rule, I try to have an upbeat, positive outlook on life. I try to share my optimism and love of pretty things with those who read my blog. Sometimes though, sometimes even I struggle to see the prettiness of life. Today, for the first time in a long time, I don't want to twirl. I don't want to see anybody. I don't want to talk to anybody. Today, for the first time in a long time, I feel really lonesome. I want a hug. I want someone I can crawl under the duvet with who will then bribe me with tea to make me resurface. How bloody dramatic huh? Today, one of the most wonderful people in the world, shared some awful news with me. I am not one to tell another person's stories so the content will remain with me, but it broke my heart just a little bit. Not because I don't think there can be a positive outcome. I know there will be. I know my friend, and I know that my friend won't let anything or anyone hold them back from living a wonderful li

Project Lu: Phase two.

Today I begin phase two of Project LU. I am nearly two weeks off cigarettes and I feel great. Really truly great. I won't lie. The last two weeks were tough. I decided that I was going cold turkey. Well, it was more that I decided that I was going to quit. And just did. So there was no time for any quitting aids. Though I'm much happier that I have done it this way. As a result, I didn't sleep for three nights. I had a headache for about two days. I had two days of nausea. It was awful. The positives are obvious: My skin is much better I'm sleeping better I have so much more energy. So much, I ran the other day. I RAN!!! I ate lots of chocolate and cheese....  oh wait...  That's not a positive, is it? What a cunning link into phase two... Phase two is where I cut out the chocolate and cheese and replace them with healthier options. It does mean that I will be a grumpy bastard for the next week but I have so much g

Three years and counting!!

Happy anniversary to me! Three years ago today I arrived laden down with cases (mostly books!) into Stranraer where my ex's brother filled up his boot with the few reminders of my life as an adult in Ireland. I was so excited at what lay before me. I can still remember my giddiness as the ferry pulled in towards mainland Scotland. Little did I know that three years later my life would be entirely different to my expectations but if I were to go back and do it all again, I would. Here today, I am going to take a wee trip down memory lane and remember some of the highlights of the last three years. For the first two years I was brought into the folds of a wonderful family and I was made feel so welcome and so loved by so many people. I will always treasure the times that I spent with the Scott family and the various branches of it. There was so much loved shared, and I genuinely adored each and every one of moments I got to share with the family. It was sad to leave it b