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8 things I learnt about Scotland

I spent 24 hours in the Kingdom of Fife with my very lovely friend Claire and her adorable companion Bramble the kitten. While there, Claire brought me on a tour of the place and proved, once again, her abilities as a tour guide. I came home feeling full of knowledge so I've decided to share some of the interesting facts that I learnt while on my trip to Fife. 1. There is a place called Pillars of Hercules in Fife, which boasts a working organic farm started by Bruce Bennett in 1983. There is much debate about where the name Pillars of Hercules comes from. The most accepted theory is that there was once a house on the estate called Herculaneum and pillars marked the entrance. Cool huh? 2. Falkland palace , once the favourite of Scottish kings and queens has the oldest tennis court in Britain! 3.In 1879, the centre of the Tay Bridge in Dundee collapsed during a storm taking a full train of passengers with it. The bridge, designed by Sir Thomas Bouch made no allowance fo

Day 1 → Take your least favorite character you’ve ever created. Put them in a scene that would drive them mad

From behind the heavy velvet curtain Sarah could hear the murmur of the gathering crowd grow louder and louder. She could feel her chest tighten, and the knot in the pit of her stomach grow heavier with each forced breath. She closed her eyes and started her relaxation exercises. She was glad Dr. Hafen had gone through relaxation exercises with her at their last session. She definitely needed them now. She focused on the knot in her stomach and visualised it evolving into a sphere. A foam sphere. She smiled to herself. It was actually working, she was actually starting to calm down. A clammy hand on her bare shoulder made her jump. The intrusion into her private world was as unwelcome as the dampness on her skin.  "Well Sarah, my girl. Are you ready for your moment in the spotlight?" Sarah nodded. She hated being the centre of attention. She hated when crowds. She hated people if you were going to get to the finer points of her dissatisfaction. And here she was.

Have you ever heard of Matt Stockl?

I have recently been introduced to the Edinburgh music scene. I won't lie, some of it makes me think 'meh' Other music makes me smile. We all know that I adore that Edinburgh band Stanley Odd. But have you ever heard of Matt Stockl ? I have been told that it is quite rude to compare singers to other singers. And to be honest, if it wasn't rude to do so, I'm not sure I would anyway. Because I couldn't. His dulcet tones, off-beat tunes and poetic lyrics have intoxicated me. Here, you should have a listen. For those of you in Scotland, keep your ears to the ground and see if you can see him live. I would highly recommend it!

Being thankful.

I have started writing a daily list of ten things I am thankful for, first thing every morning. It sounds cheesy, but it has been a fabulous tool in getting me into a good frame of mind first thing in the morning. So tonight, I'm going to write it out here. A list of things that I love. A list of things that I shall take a few moments to celebrate. 1. I love that I take the time to write these lists. It has really helped me take a more positive approach to my days, and allows me to enjoy what I have substantially more. 2. I love that I have James in my life. We have gone through a few very shaky months, and it hasn't been easy to say the least. But things are moving forward again, and I am content in myself and my relationship. For that I am truly thankful. 3. I love that Clare won the All-Ireland hurling championship. 4. I love that I have a job I enjoy daily. 5. I love that I can see a very clear career path for myself and that I am getting the support to pursue th