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No smoking. Day 3.

Well, I'm three days into being an ex-smoker.
Three LONG days.
So long, that I don't ever want to go through these three days ago.
So far,
- I have had a constant headache. If my head explodes it may not be such a bad thing really.
-I am nauseous ALL the time.
- My sinus' have started to clear so my nose is quite sore
- My sleep pattern has gone crazy- which explains why I am writing this at 1.17 in the morning when I have to leave for work at 5.15 am.
- I have spent at least 24 hours of the last three days at loggerheads with James. We have fought about everything, anything, nothing. Just simply because my mood is fouler than a gone off chicken (I still have my puns. That makes me proud.)

Despite all that, I feel kind of proud that I am doing this. It will get better. And it is good for me.
Now, to get some well deserved sleep... or at least listen to the dulcet snoring of my amour...


  1. Keep going! Thought me and bf were going to split up when he quit smoking , month of fights then it all evened out x


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