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Life of Lu 14/11 2011

Hello hello! How long has it been since I've done my life of Lu? Too long! That's how long! But never fear! It means I've loads of news! The main news is that at 12pm today I will be getting keys to our flat! Whoop! It is a lovely little one bedroomed flat. And I can't wait to get stuck in and put my  our stamp on it! Would you like a sneak peak? Isn't it pretty! And a wonderful blank canvas! There is also one bedroom but there was no picture of that on the letting agency's website! We spent the weekend with James' family. Due to the ridiculous amount of overtime James is doing over the next few weeks he doesn't know when he's going to get back down there for a weekend next. It was an interesting weekend. We were staying in the retirement complex in which his parents are living where we were introduced as man and wife... that was a shock!  I was also given advice about how I should care for James which was insightful... ahem.... What was really

Happy birthday Marguerite

I have been down in the dumps a lot lately haven't I. Surprisingly so considering how much I love my new surroundings. Last night I said to James that I felt that unemployment was turning me into an awful moaning Mary (sorry any Marys out there) and he gave me a little hug and said "Its your sad time of the year Silly this happens every year" and then I remembered that Marguerite's birthday is tomorrow. November 10th. She should be 24. Happy birthday Marguerite  I stole this cake photo. I 'm not that good!  I spoke about her a lot last night. And it was really nice but emotional. I find it hard to believe that she is gone 7 years at the end of the month. Where has that time gone? I also find it hard to believe that the emotions I drum up when I think of her can still be so raw. Oh shite, I'm getting bleary eyed in the Internet cafe.... Give me a moment.... I spoke a lot about growing up. Thats what you do right? Remember. How can I not miss this... That

A creepy encounter...

I don't know if many of you have been to Edinburgh But even if you haven't had the pleasure of visiting this lovely little city you may be aware that it is  one of the creepiest places by day because of its architecture and even creepier by night... Now the encounter.... James and I were walking down Candlemaker Row last night about 6.30. It was dark but the street was adequately lit by street lamps. We were walking past the Greyfriars Kirkyard or cemetery  -Which can be a bit eerie in itself- When I noticed someone to the left of James off the curb of the footpath trying to pass us out. I turned around and stopped chatting (why do we do that? In hindsight it's weird) All of a sudden I heard James roar "What the f**k!" I turned around to see a very freaked out James but no sign of the person who had been there seconds before. Apparently James saw this person also so he started to move more towards the centre of the footpath. Then he has tapped quiet aggress

Becoming The Sims

Yesterday I was a little upset. No, upset is the wrong word. I was down hearted. Sometimes little things just take an awful lot of effort. So James came up with a cracker of an idea. He decided to turn our lives into a real life Sims game. So last night over dinner we set out the levels. And in true Sims fashion we both wanted to focus on the leisure levels first. But being realistic the Home levels are more important. It was so much fun! And it just threw a bit of magic back into a stressful situation. Not only that, it gave us both a skip in our step. To add to our good news, James has found out that while he is working in Edinburgh from the 4th Dec. He is actually working in Dunfermline until then so we do have an income! And the company that are leasing the flat that we loved have contacted us to see if we are still interested  and are offering to put a bed in for us! Whoop! Well. I probably shouldn't get too excited just yet! We still have to apply for it!  But surely if they

Why househunting sucks in Edinburgh.

As you may have gathered by the title of this blog post I hate househunting in Edinburgh. I really truly do. In fact, I'm supposed to be doing it now. But my mind won't let me stress it out for at least another half hour so I'm doing this instead. These are the reasons why I hate househunting. 1. Three of the one bed flats have no beds. No big deal you would think until you realise that James doesn't officially start work for another month and I am still unemployed so forking out for a bed isn't such a great idea as we've a deposit and two months rent (At least) to pay for. Don't call your flat fully furnished if it does not have a bed. Is that not pretty obvious?? 2. One of the flats we looked at had two hallway closets. One was converted into a toilet. The other a shower. This is NOT a lie. 3. One flat was so small that my usually very polite James announced that he could probably reach the toilet bowl from the couch if he concentrated hard enou