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Five things I have learnt about Edinburgh.

1.  Edinburgh is without doubt the hilliest place I have ever been in my life. If you are not climbing a steep hill you are climbing steps. Seriously, my legs are going to mutiny any day now. Ow. 2. They like to use the name "Market" a lot... Lawnmarket Haymarket Grassmarket I'm sure it is quite common in other areas but I personally find it terribly confusing! 3. Kirk means Church. I don't know why I like that so much! Yesterday we went to see Greyfriars Kirkyard Which I will admit is eery! But there is a lovely story associated with it about a dog called Greyfriars Bobby who has his own statue outside the kirkyard's walls and his own headstone within it! 4. There seems to be a trend for the very liberal spreading of butter. On EVERYTHING. Burger buns with butter, Ham rolls with butter are actually butter rolls with a little ham. Now, I've nothing against butter. But jeez, I'd rather taste my sandwich filling! And don't get me started on the

We made it!!!

Greetings from Bonnie wee Scotland! Land of square sausages, haggis and irn bru! I probably should have mentioned bagpipes and kilts but at the moment all James is talking about are square sausages and irn bru. Oh, and Roysters T-Bone steak crisps. (Isn't he an easy man to please!) So, what has happened since I wrote last? LOADS! We spent a lot of time with my family in Ireland before we left. We stayed in Shannon for two nights, Ennis for one night and then began our trip over here. Shannon was great as my Auntie Vera and James get on so well. I knew they would both be disappointed if they didn't get to see each other before we left and it was nice to have a bit of wind down time. Ennis was a huge surprise.  and I were expecting a quiet night with Auntie Mary and my cousins instead we were treated to a banquet with about 15 people there! James when asked what dinner he would like (there were three dishes) used his charm to get one of each. I think my cousins were impresse

As one journey ends another begins...

Well, the time has come to get those backpacks on again and leave the little isle of Ireland. I will be honest, I thought I would cry an awful lot more than I did. I barely cried at all. Why? Because the warmth and love that have been shown to me and James in the last two weeks warmed the cockles of my hard rather than wet my eye lids. My friends threw us a most wonderful going away party last Friday. It was as good eclectic bunch of buddies Many of whom had not really met before who spent the night telling us stories and bringing up brilliant memories that we had forgotten over time. Thank you everyone for allowing us to have such an amazing trip down memory lane before we took to the ferry. So what now? What is going to happen to Louise now that she is leaving the lovely green isle? I will be honest again I don't know. But I do know something most empowering. Everything I have now fits into 4 cases. (and a little that some friends and family are holding for me) This is a new sta

Leaving Galway...

I will be doing a proper blog tomorrow. But I'm a little sad at the moment so I'm going to have a little write up. I have started clearing out our lovely little flat. And EVERYTHING is nearly gone.  Or is in a pile to go. And I am so sad. I am so happy to be moving to Scotland. Don't get me wrong. And I can't wait to start this new stage of my life with James and see what other adventures we can find for ourselves  (we are rather good at finding adventures) but I am sad. Sad for everything I leave behind. Like the beautiful view I see every day when I walk into town or the smell of Monroes pizza when I step outside my front door Or the little community we have started for form in our apartment block. We actually know our neighbours now! Or stopping to watch the swans on the river and trying to figure out which swan is dating whom (I do actually do that... weird I know...) Or looking in the window of sweetie pies to drool over all the cakes as I walk to meet James a