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Yay! It is eurovision time!

Eurovision brings out a strangeness in all of us.
Six months ago people threw their eyes up to heaven if they heard the name Jedward
Now they swell with pride 
Well done boys!

Here is hoping Jedward do us proud this Saturday night! 
They were great at the semi-final! (See below)

If you want to know the words
then these are for you...

You say you're on it but you just don't know 
You're spending money like you're on death row 
You must be mis-educated 
By all the guys that you've dated 
You think I'll take the bait but I don't think so 

Am I headed for a car crash? 
Just about to meet my match, she takes the 
I'm about to fall in head first 
Sisters let me tell you how it works 


She's got her lipstick on 
Here I come, da da dum 
She's got her lipstick on 
Hit and run, then I'm gone 
Check my collar, collar, hey, hey, ey 
Check my collar, collar, hey, hey, ey 

Oooohh, Oooohh 

You look at me and I got you in mind 
I come on over see what I could find 
No appetite for delusion 
How can I win when I'm losin' 
You're saying yes when it is no, no, no, no 

Am I headed for a car crash? 

Just about to meet my match, she takes the 
I'm about to fall in head first 
Sisters let me tell you how it works 

(CHORUS x2) 

It's not that I don't wanna play (play, play) 
And then I didn't look your way (way, way) 
It's not like every girl's the same (same, same) 
You gotta know just how to treat this miss 
Or she will be dismissed 


(CHORUS x2) 

Here I come 
Here I come 
dum da dum da dum da dum 

Hit and run 
Hit and run 
dum da dum da dum da dum 

Then I'm gone 
Then I'm gone 
Gone, gone, gone, gone

Irelande douze points s'il vous plait!


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