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Life of Lu 24/05/11

What a week we have just had in little old Ireland!
This week saw visits from the Queen of England and from President Obama and his wife Michelle Obama or as he affectionately put it O'Bama *giggle*
The Queen's visit is one of the most historic events I will probably ever witness in my lifetime. I know it is not that far across the Irish sea to Buckingham Palace but the symbolism that drenched her visit could never be measured in something as simple as distance or weight. For the first time since 1911, the reigning monarch of Britain/United Kingdom visited our shores. And oh what a visit. There were smiles and giggles
Especially when she told the fishmonger pictured above that she had never met a man with prawns as large as his. And quickly realised what she had said
There was her lovely speech in which she addressed the guests and our President in the Irish Language as friends. She travelled much of the country saw the sights and All in all it was a lovely visit. There were representatives …

A day in the life of Isla

Ever wondered what a baby does in a day? Well this week we followed one little lady Isla just to see what she got up to...

                                                        Here is what happened ...
Wakey wakey Isla! It is time to help the girls get ready for school!

But a few phone calls have to be made first.

Now that that is finished it is time for some Peppa Pig. OINK!

Followed by some brunch in my play ring...

Daddy very kindly read me a story

But I wanted to just read by myself for a while Before I had to do my chores Like laundry

and the bins

My walking lessons didn't go so well today I drove over Uncle James' foot

But he didn't get cross Instead he gave me a raspberry

But they're not as good as mummy's Hers make me giggle so much!

Because I was such a good girl I was given some chocolate But it went EVERYWHERE!

I reckon I made a mess expected from three babies!
Oh... imagine three of me...

Poor mummy would be exhausted!
Then there was bath time

Life of Lu 17/05/11

I am so glad that I have managed to get onto this to do my weekly update.
Unfortunately I don't have any photos to put up yet as I left all my cables and readers at home but I promise you my friends, I have a wonderful piece called "A Day in the Life of Isla" planned! It is going to be fabulous!

What a week we have had this week!

-My wonderful friend Tiffani got married and is now off on her honeymoon. I wish so much that I could have been there to celebrate her wonderful union with Joe but alas the Atlantic Ocean is too far to swim, and even if it weren't, I doubt I'd get too far with my pathetic doggie-paddle!

-Saturday night was Eurovision night! A friend of mine Tom held a Eurovision party chez lui complete with my yummy Lipstick cupcakes (I'll put pics up soon). Congratulations to Ajerbaijan who won the Eurovision for the first time in history! What a proud moment for their country!
It was such a pity that Ireland didn't win but the Grimes twins did…


Yay! It is eurovision time!
Eurovision brings out a strangeness in all of us. Six months ago people threw their eyes up to heaven if they heard the name Jedward Now they swell with pride  Well done boys!
Here is hoping Jedward do us proud this Saturday night!  They were great at the semi-final! (See below)

If you want to know the words then these are for you...

You say you're on it but you just don't know You're spending money like you're on death row You must be mis-educated By all the guys that you've dated You think I'll take the bait but I don't think so
Ohhhh Am I headed for a car crash? Ohhhh Just about to meet my match, she takes the Ohhhh I'm about to fall in head first Sisters let me tell you how it works
(CHORUS) She's got her lipstick on Here I come, da da dum


It is Eurovision time!
Check out Ireland's entry!

You say you’re on it but you just don’t know You’re spending money like you’re on death row You must be mis-educated By all the guys that you dated You think I’ll take the bait but I don’t think so hhhh Am I headed for a car crash? Ohhhh Im just about to meet my match, she takes the Ohhhh I’m about to fall in head first Sisters let me tell you how it works HEY! (CHORUS) She’s got her lipstick on Here I come, da da dum She’s got her lipstick on Hit and run, then I’m gone Check my collar, collar, hey, hey, ey Check my collar, collar, hey, hey, ey Oooohh, Oooohh You look at me and I got you in mind I come on over see what I could find No appetite for delusion I could’ve been what I’m losin’ You’re saying yes when it is no, no, no, no Ohhhh Am I headed for a car crash? Ohhhh Is this about to be my next, she takes the

Life of Lu 10/05/11

It is that time of the week again. A time to look back and remember the good moments of the week gone by. All in all it was a pretty mega week! One of my favourite things in the WHOLE wide world is receiving cards in the post. Especially really pretty cards like this one
which I received from James' mum.
I also like making cards as gifts so it was a perfect opportunity with James' birthday on Sunday to get my creative juices flowing...

I was also given a most beautiful gift by the lovely Siobhan
It transpires she has been hiding an artistic flair from us but she unleashed it long enough to make me this beautiful collection of mini paintings Each canvas shows one of my three favourite flowers
We also got to spend time with some friends

Not only did Erin woo us with her fabulous fashion sense
She brought us a photo of a rabbit looking at a pizza shaped like a rabbit!

I'm afraid there won't be a life of Lu next Tuesday I will be spending it playing with three adorable little ones

Until t…

The birthday cake!

Today is my boy's 25th birthday! Happy birthday James! I decided to be a good little housewife and make him a birthday cake so I asked him what kind of cake would he like. I was given four ingredients. M&Ms Malteasers Dime Toblerone. Well, that left me in quite a predicament!  Whatever was I going to do? I was telling my co-worker Tom about my little issue and he suggested a huge muffin cake. I was intrigued, looked it up and thought Eureka! Tom has solved all my cake worries. So after a little searching I found this. Perfect!
Now, I've a confession to make. I cheated on my cake. I had planned to do it all myself but alas, I didn't factor in that I was working yesterday. So I bought this
It is as easy as it seems. Add some eggs, oil and water. Yum. But if I was going to use all of the requested ingredients I was going to have to be creative. So I chopped up two dime bars and added them to the mixture! nom nom nom...
Then I got to try my new moulds (but I forgot to take a  picture of them.) W…