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Colour week, day 3 yellow!

I found it in my Christmas stocking.
The pictures in the sleeve are yum!

My very lovely jewellery box. 
My very lovely, very empty jewellery box.

My yellow coat.
I've had it for years.
It has lots of holes
and very few buttons.
But I'm going to mend it.
And keep it until it is no longer yellow!

Three days,
Three colours
Three scarves.

The condom has a story.
One night, while on my way to my friends exhibition launch
I bumped into the think contraception people
who gave me some free condoms.
I put them in my pocket and forgot about them.
Later we we're at the Roisin Dubh and we saw
Matt Berry and asked him for an autograph.
He had a pen but no paper.
We had no paper but we did have the free condoms.
And this is why I am the proud owner of a Matt Berry signed condom.

My malnourished piggy bank

James' pineapple chunks.

James' maths book!

And that is all that is yellow!


  1. Lu- you should link your color blogs to Randi's color blogs. that way everyone can see and you can browse.

    go to the bottom of each of her posts - click the "click here to enter" in red and then you can link up! it's kinda cool.

  2. Hey glad you're playing along! Love the photos!


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