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Colour week! Day 2 - Orange

Today I took my camera for a walk to capture some orange.
Sure enough, one of the first things I founds was an orange cafe!
James tells me I pass it every morning on my way to work
and have done for a while.
I reckon it appeared this morning.

We keep a predominantly orange map of Vilnius in our living room.
It was where we met.
It is a city with both love.
And it is orange!

My tea mug.
Ok, it isn't really orange, more brown
but I love it and I wanted to share
the piece of crockery I probably use the most!

When I was brushing my teeth this morning I noticed that James' toothbrush and razor are orange.
I found this quite funny as orange is his favourite colour.
I'm curious as to whether it is a coincidence or if he actually picked them because they are orange!

One of my favourite book covers is orange

Yet another scarf, I will probably have one for every day of this colour week! 

This is a poster of the Moulin Rouge that we picked up in Montmartre.
Our living room is dotted with similar pictures and maps.
I like a room to have character and to tell a story!

Orange cinema tickets! 
One of my favourite activities :)

Stew for dinner!
There was some orange in here too!

I didn't think I'd notice as much orange as I did!
I enjoyed this challenge immensely!


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