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Colour week! Day 1 - Red!

Red is one of those colours that I don't really pay attention to. I guess it is because of my red hair... I never thought I could wear it! But some of my favourite things are red... Old Spice! I know it is the present we buy our Dads and Grandads for Christmas. Me? I buy it for James! I just love the smell! I remember him wearing it when we first met. I was so impressed that he wore it! My phone box money box I love it! It came as part of a gift, I don't remember what was inside. Now I keep my UK coins in there. I think there might be a five pound note too! Whoop!!!  e I love my bed! I love my red sheets! I love my floral duvet set! mmmm... sleep.... This is a book that I am reading at the moment. It was recommended to me by my friend's dad. It is very witty. Very much full of puns... I love it! I love my scarf! Though I don't think my scarf loves me... Generally when I wear it to someones house it stays behind when I leave. Thank you everyone who has returne

Colour week!

I have taken this from my friend Tiffani's blog (who in turn took it from her friends blog). It sounds like a lot of fun!! "Hello friends! This week I am starting something called   Color Week.  ( I did this once before thanks to another blog hosting it... but now I say it's my turn to host. ) Want to join in!? Go ahead! Here are my own made up rules:   Take a series of photos each day of items or nature, or anything - really that is the color of the day.   You may talk about what this color reminds you of, memories you have, if you like or dislike it. etc... Post before the end the day and leave a comment letting me know... if you don't mind me taking a look.    Have fun! Monday: Red Tuesday: Orange Wednesday: Yellow Thursday: Green: Friday: Blue Saturday: Purple"

being thankful

Today I received a wonderful surprise in the post. A beautiful handmade gift. The sentiment behind it was beautiful and it made me think of happy things. With all the misery in this little nation of mine it can be quite hard to see past the doom and gloom. So now, I am going to write about some of the things that haven't changed, things that I am truly thankful for. 1. My number one is always the same. It is James. With James by my side I can take on the world. And I will. We will... 2. My friends. I have such wonderful friends who have given me such wonderful memories. I honestly believe that your friends are the family you choose and I really have chosen well. 3. My family. I spent a lot of time with my family over the weekend. I feel bad that sometimes I don't have enough contact. But that is one of those hiccups that life throws at you I guess. Every minute I spend with them I cherise and I am glad that I have that time. 4. My dreams My dreams are sti

Twenty something and Irish

This week has most definitely been the epitome of ridiculousness in Irish politics. Our leader (I can't possibly think of an adjective to describe him that will enable me to post this without a flashing warning) has played a game of political chess that would beat the most skilled computer. He has created a coup, beaten the rebels, lost half his incompetent cabinet, replaced them with the remainder of the aforementioned cabinet, claimed his role as leader of the country and his party, resigned his role as leader of his party, and STILL maintain the title of Taoiseach (Prime Minister). Now don't get me wrong. I admire his audacity. I do. But I despise the immorality of the entire debacle. The ministers who left were not going to be re-elected in March. Well, the majority weren't. So they have all left with quite a large severance packet. Our hospital queues are longer than ever before (a friend of mine just spent 3 days on a trolley in A&E only to be told that he

Remembering the positive

Today I was rather silly. Why? Because I spent a lot of time worrying. About Money. Money. Puh! In the late afternoon I slapped myself mentally. Money isn't what makes life special. It can just help it be less frustrating when bills arrive. Instead I forced myself to think of things that cost little or  nothing  but which I enjoy more than silly old money. Like nature. Silly animals crack me up. They're so chilled out, until dinner time that is, but I'm ok with being chilled out until dinner time. Then all you have to do is feed me. Funky old houses Dangling my feet in water Romantic gestures Tables made out of barrels Nosy donkeys! Murals on buildings Chalk art on the street Witty graffitti Playing with photos Singing all the songs from Moulin Rouge Pretty paintings  Purple suits that have a feather hat and most importantly, happy memories With all these things at my fingertips I reckon I'm richer than most millionaires. So. Take that

Starting 2011!

2011 started off with a great night of celebration. It was a night filled with laughter A night spent with friends A night filled with dancing A night full of festivities A night spent with visitors from the other side of the world! If the year continues as well it started, it will be one of the best years in history. Lets be optimistic. 2011... you will be awesome!