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Day 11 - Share a story from your childhood

There is one story that my dad tells every now and then that makes me laugh so hard it hurts.
He reckons the story is proof that I always had an answer for everything.
I guess he is right!
My bedroom in my parent's house was at the gable of the house and therefore it had a sloping roof.
My bed was beneath one of the slopes and if I stood on the bed as I child I could reach the ceiling.
One day, I was aged about four, my dad came into my room and found me sitting "innocently" on my bed.
On the ceiling above me, scrawled in crayon was
Louise O'Dwyer aged *squiggle*
My dad saw it straight away.
He pointed to it and said "Louise, what's that?"
"That's my name Daddy" was the reply.
"I know it's your name Louise, but why is it on the ceiling?"
With my most angelic smile I said
"Daddy! It's been there for ages! I did it when I was three!"
My dad knew well that I was probably sitting on the black crayon as I spoke to him.
He decided to catch me out on my obvious lie.
"Now Louise, you wouldn't have been able to reach the ceiling when you were three would you? So how did you do it when you were three?"
"Oh Daddy!" I giggled,
"I was tall for my age!"
He said at that point he burst out laughing and knew that I wouldn't let him give out to me for it.
What can I say, I was a born charmer!


  1. Love that story!
    I have a similar story that involves secondhand bunkbeds, a black permanent marker and the virgin mary!
    Keep it up Louise. Lovin your blog x x x


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