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I don't understand Why? How? What happened? How did it go so wrong? We were having a chat What did I do? Sometimes it's hard to decipher these things All I know is I love you...

He wishes for the cloths of heaven

Had I the heavens' embroidered cloths, Enwrought with golden and silver light, The blue and the dim and the dark cloths Of night and light and the half-light, I would spread the cloths under your feet: But I, being poor, have only my dreams; I have spread my dreams under your feet; Tread softly, because you tread on my dreams. William Butler Yeats I adore this poem. It is so deep and meaningful yet simple in it's language. I came upon in while reading so I decided to share it. Enjoy!

What a wonderful day!

Today I had the most splendid news! I was given a promotion at work! I am so excited. The job itself hasn't changed so much. I just have a little more authority, which always makes things a little easier if you have to give out! What a great way to start my weekend! Yay!
Fota! During the week, James and I went on a romantic break to Cork. It was fabulous! We were staying at a wonderful hotel in Cork city centre, the weather was beautiful, and best of all, we got to spend a whole day in an animal park looking at exotic animals! What struck me as strange (yet fabulous) was how comfortable the animals were just to wonder around. The squirrel monkeys played tag on the fence beside where James and I were standing. A kangaroo jumped the fence around the same time and starting playing with his friend in the grass behind us, and at one point, two parrots were sitting on a branch above our heads and we didn't even notice! The Giraffes were great. I love giraffes, probably a result of a hand puppet that we bought James's niece Emma for her birthday last year. It was lovely to see them chilling out in a field without a care in the world! James of course was like a child. At one stage I spotted him chasing three lemurs down a path, just to see whe


Last night we had a BBQ at our house. It was a "welcome to the house" party too for our housemate Joey. The weather was good, the food was good, the craic was plentiful, it was great evening all round. Little did we realise that it would turn into a bit of trad session!


There are many things in the world that make me happy ! Sometimes it is important to think about them and enjoy them. Here are some of those things... The colour purple. I don't know why purple makes me smile but it does. Hugs-I love hugs! They make me so happy! I think James's hugs are my favourite. Especially when I haven't seem him for a few hours. I love hugs from my family. Especially the ones from the kids that are usually accompanied by a very sloppy kiss! Whenever I am having a really sad moment, hugs are the only thing that will put an immediate smile on my face! Queen - The music of masters. I love them. Queen have been involved in my life for many many years. So much so that a bunch of their songs symbolise many of the huge events that have taken place. Some examples... Friends will be Friends -> This song is a reminder of one of my best friends Dearbhla and the time that we lived together. I love it and all its wonderful memories It's a Hard Life

Things that I enjoy

Things that make me smile... Daffodils The smoke sauna.... When James surprises me with dinner after work... The feeling you get after cutting your hair.... Irish countryside My beautiful godson Dean... Art with James's nieces Katie and Emma... Picnics with friends... Dancing in the street... A nice cool beer...


When I heard about the death of Gerry Ryan yesterday it got me thinking about the fragility of life, how teasingly short life- especially youth- is, and it also got me wondering, if I were to die tomorrow would I be remembered as someone who lived life to the full? A man once told me that only a fool is ever 100% happy, everyone should try to ensure that they are content. Am I content? Am I a fool and 100% happy? I began to think about the things that I would regret not having done if I were dead and looking back. While I think it is foolish to ever regret something, I think it is better to regret having done something than not having done something... Do I tell the people I love that I love them enough? Do I see my friends enough? Am I on the road that I want to be on? Should I stop and smell the flowers more? Have I sat back and enjoyed Mother Nature to the full? I have so many more questions... Yet none of the answers. So it's time to start working on them.

Louise and James in Pictures!

not here but it is a pretty house! We settled in Galway... A few months later we moved to Ireland... In January 2008 I decided to stay in Lithuania for a little while, so I got myself a job writing with a newspaper, wrote for some magazines, and on the 29/02/2008 James and I started going out... We met in Lithuania in October 2007, I was a rambling backpacker, he was a crazy Scottish dude working in a hostel.